A nice ending to a sort of boring season of The Bachelorette for Michelle.

We’ve reached the finale of Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette. Although this has been kind of a boring season, I do think it’s had its good moments for the series. Michelle’s two guys remaining are Brandon and Nayte. She’s in love with both of them, but I really think the only one that she should really end up with is Brandon…Nayte’s not even close to be ready to get married…let’s get into the three hour live finale of this season of The Bachelorette.

Michelle’s family is in Mexico to meet the final two men. Brandon’s up first, who already met her parents on the one on one that he had in Minnesota with Michelle. Her parents are glad to see him again. Brandon’s so into Michelle, its cute to see. Both of her parents really like Brandon and both tell him that they’d be thrilled to accept him into their family.

Nayte’s obviously up next. It’s immediately an awkward and weird vibe with Michelle’s parents meeting Nayte, especially compared to Brandon, who they’re obsessed with. Nayte tells Michelle’s father that he doesn’t know all the logistics about moving to Minnesota and concerns him about how much he’s ready. Talking to Michelle’s sister, he also fucks up that conversation about if he can settle down in Minnesota with Michelle. Then, talking to her mom, he even screws up telling her that he’s actually in love with Michelle and pretty much says he doesn’t even really know what love is. She even tells Nayte that she feels like that he doesn’t seem to be 100% in and that he doesn’t seem ready for an engagement. After that, Michelle’s mom tells her that which makes Michelle question more if Nayte is as into her as she is to him. In a hesitant move afterwards, Michelle talks to Nayte about it and that clearly doesn’t make her think any better about it and just makes her reassess her whole relationship with him. 

Michelle has one final date with each of the men, before she has to break up with one of them and possibly say yes to an engagement with the other.

Brandon’s first up on the dates. Michelle and Brandon go jet skiing together then in the evening, Brandon gives Michelle a sentimental gift of a hoodie he wore on their overnight date that they got into a food fight with him wearing. Cute gesture. After that, Michelle tells Brandon that she’s in love with him too. She kind of faked him out a little bit, but that was nice. It HAS to be these two at the end of this.

Now Nayte has his final date with Michelle. They do a ritual together, a very stupid event that ends up happening in like every season of these shows…so they can be open with each other. Obviously the break up is coming here with Nayte. Michelle says that Nayte doesn’t put in the effort and the writing is already on the wall that this is over. After that as Michelle and Nayte talk, he opens up to her and tells her that the heartbreak of if he isn’t the guy at the end scares the hell out of it and she tells him that it scares her if she is more into him than he is to her. That reassures her a bit about him being able to communicate with her, something he’s clearly lacked through all of this. After the evening portion of the date, Michelle seems to think that her issues with Nayte seem to have gone away and that she’s reassured that he’s her person. Please don’t do this Michelle, don’t throw away a good guy like Brandon for this fuck boi. 

After the date, when she gets back to her room, Michelle has a very long love note waiting at her door from Brandon. Another cute gesture from him.

Onto the next day and it’s decision time for Michelle. Both guys meet with Neil Lane to choose engagement rings for her. Michelle says theres one person that she’d be devastated to live her life without and we’re about to find out who that is.

The first guy to get out of the car to the final rose is Brandon…come on Michelle. Which just immediately is sad cause he’s such a better guy than Nayte, and such a better match for her. He spills out his heart to her and then Michelle gives him the but… that she promised herself that she would follow her heart and that its not that she doesn’t love him because she says she does, but that she has stronger feelings for Nayte. Kind of a tough breakup to watch because Brandon really is a great guy for Michelle and even in the breakup, he even still tells her the right things. And you can tell that in the confessional afterwards that he really is so genuinely upset about that she din’t choose him and that he was actually in love with her. If Clayton wasn’t already the next Bachelor it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was Brandon.

Back to the beach after Michelle’s tough goodbye to Brandon, Nayte comes down to see her on the final rose for a proposal. Michelle tells Nayte that even though she had her struggles with him but that he is her soulmate and that she chose him. Nayte proposes to Michelle, she obviously accepts. I just for some reason can’t see this one working out long term but hey, whatever…follow your heart no matter what a TV audience might think. And hey, hopefully it does last forever, like love is supposed to. From first impression rose, to the final rose…

“Nayte, do you accept this rose?”

Back to the studio in LA for After the Final Rose. Brandon’s first on the hot seat to talk to Michelle for the first time since that breakup on the beach. Brandon’s very mature in talking to Kaitlyn about his feelings for Michelle and says that even though he’s still in love with her, that he hopes her Nayte and happy together. Michelle joins Brandon on the hot seat. They have a completely healthy conversation and Brandon mentions that it was hard for him that it felt like everything came easy with them but that it seemed like she had to try harder with Nayte.

With that, Nayte joins his now fiancé Michelle on After the Final Rose. Michelle says that behind the scenes and even though it didn’t really look like it on camera, Nayte really did try to be vulnerable and open up to her. That’s a great sign and hopefully it works out. Michelle’s parents answer Kaitlyn’s question about if they’ve accepted Nayte into their family after their kind of shaky start and Michelle’s mom says that they’re so in love with Nayte and that he really cares about their daughter. That’s nice. Hopefully it works out for the two of them. Nayte also says that he’s moving to Minnesota very soon and that he’s all in on their relationship. Bachelor Nation gifts Michelle and Nayte with the down payment on their new home together.

A nice ending to a sort of boring season of The Bachelorette for Michelle.

We have a week off from Bachelor Nation and then Clayton’s season of The Bachelor begins on Monday, January 3rd. 

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