Pretty juicy drama on the second week of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor

Last week Clayton started off his season of The Bachelor that’s sure to be quite entertaining. One of the best decisions I made was finishing my basement with side by side TVs and a third one off to the side, so I can watch The Bachelor, the National Championship (GO DAWGS) and hockey all at once. 

Let’s get into it with the first group date of the season. “This is what dreams are made of” is on the date card, which anyone that grew up watching Disney Channel in the early 2000s knows its a line from the banger song at the end of The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Hilary Duff of course hosts the date and on it, the ladies have to set up and host a birthday party for a little kid. Cassidy starts the group date off with not bothering to set anything up and instead just pulls away Clayton from the party to make out with him away from everyone else. Once the party’s set up, a ton of the kids show up and the girls and Clayton have to host the party. Cassidy is more obsessed with Hilary Duff rather than caring about the date. To make herself even more of the villain, she randomly gets the cake that Genevieve made and brings it out, dropping it on the ground. So we have a villain quick that all the other girls are going to hate. Afterwards, Cassidy pulls Clayton away from the group again to make out with him again while none of the other girls spend one on one time with him on the date. Clayton seems to hit it off with every girl he spends time in the evening following the party. Much to the disappointment to the other girls, Clayton gives the group date rose to Cassidy. Mara and Genevieve especially are real pissed with Cassidy and Mara even says that instead of being concerned with Clayton, she’s concerned with this girl. And then, in a confessional, Cassidy tells a producer that the rose smells “like victory”…that smells like she isn’t here for the right reasons. She’s absolutely playing the game and viewing this whole thing as a competition, even saying that girls like Susie don’t last long.

Susie, who looks like a combination of Hannah Brown and Demi Burnett, gets the first one on one of the season. They start the date with a ride in a helicopter and land it on a  huge yacht. Susie seems very down to earth and normal to me on this date. At dinner in the evening, she opens up to him about her family and then her and Clayton go to a private concert.

Susie, will you accept this rose?

Cute date. She seems like a good gal for Clayton.

On the second group date, comedian Ziwe (who I’ve never heard of) hosts the date, asking hard to answer questions to see who’s here for the right reasons. I feel like they do these every season and they’re never that great of dates. They start out playing a game of never have I ever. After that they go outdoors to go through an obstacle course. Sarah wins that competition. There’s also drama going on in the house between Elizabeth and Shanae, with the first “I don’t think she’s hear for the right reasons” of the season as Shanae tells that to Clayton during the cocktail party after the date and she says that Elizabeth seems to be acting two faced. Clayton asks to talk to Elizabeth after that. Following that, the two ladies go to talk. All of this drama from both of them kind of seems like bullshit, especially from Shanae. Sarah gets the group date rose. Good move from Clayton to not give it to either Shanae or Elizabeth.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Shanae pulls Elizabeth to talk to her one on one again. Shanae tells Elizabeth that she’s using that having ADHD is like an excuse. Not a great move and there’s really no reason for it and all of it makes Shanae look like the shitty one in all of this.

We also find out that while Cassidy is putting on this whole show with Clayton, she told Sierra that before coming to film that Cassidy had a fuck buddy back home and that he FaceTime’d her while she was at the hotel before filming. Not. Here. For. The. Right. Reasons. Sierra goes to tell Clayton about it. After that Sierra tells Cassidy that she told  Clayton the truth about her. 

To be continued next week, Clayton asks Jesse (the host) if anyone’s ever taken a rose away. Pretty juicy drama on the second week of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor.

We find out what happens next in two weeks.

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