This girl’s absolutely here for the wrong reasons…but damn, she’s entertaining.

There’s plenty of drama in the house with Shanae and Elizabeth in the center of that drama. We start off this week’s episode to pulling the two of them away to talk outside. That argument goes no where and it becomes a pointless argument about shrimp. Everyone in the house obviously doesn’t like Shanae. She also is all about this being a game and that she’s trying to win…not here for the right reasons. This girl has to go home. 

Clayton cancels the cocktail party because of the stupid drama and it’s right to the rose ceremony. And with the final rose of the evening, Clayton chooses Shanae, sending Elizabeth home. Wrong decision obviously. 

The remaining ladies and Clayton leave the mansion this week to head to the first stop in this journey, Houston. 

Rachel gets the one on one this week. They start off with some horseback riding. Then they go to a BBQ. At dinner later that night Clayton and Rachel seem to have a good, natural connection together. Following dinner they have a pretty good private concert. 

Rachel, will you accept this rose?

The group date this week takes place at the Houston Texans stadium. They start the date with some tailgating. Next up, the ladies play a game of tackle football in the stadium with the winning team going to the after party and the losing team going home. At the after party, even though she was eliminated, Shanae decides to show up to see Clayton. Because of course she would. Clayton tells her that he is happy that she’s there but has a few questions about what he is hearing from the other girls about Shanae’s drama. Clayton makes out with her and she once again confidently tells the confessional that the other girls should be scared of her and that she’s winning. Not here for the right reasons. After that, she goes and tells the other girls to keep her name out of their mouths and tosses their trophy for winning the football game in the bushes. This girl’s absolutely here for the wrong reasons and has to be sent home…but damn, she’s entertaining. 

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