Let’s See What Other Bad Decisions Clayton Makes on Shanae

I missed the latest episode of The Bachelor last night, had stuff to do so now I’m watching it now. This season’s been filled with entertaining drama, but in general the last few years this franchise has lost some of its luster, so I don’t really care to watch it a day late.

Serene has the one on one date this week. They have a fun little date at an amusement part on a pier. At dinner later that evening Serene talks about that she doesn’t open up much and doesn’t really talk about her family. 

Serene, will you accept this rose?

Back to the house with more drama still ongoing after the issues with Shanae’s at the after party on the group date last week. Clayton talks to the girls that were the winners of the group date, who tell him about what Shanae did. Next, Clayton goes to talk to Shanae about it. Shanae says that she will apologize to the girls but seems very fake about it. Shanae comes back to the girls crying and apologizes for her actions. After her fake apology, which she quickly admits in a confessional, saying that she deserves an Oscar for her performance, she just goes back to Clayton and makes out with him. 

With the final rose of the evening, Clayton keeps Shanae around another week, sending Sierra, Jill and Lyndsey home. 

Next stop for Clayton and the ladies, Toronto. Gabby gets the one on one date in Toronto. They take a helicopter ride to see the city from above and then just have a fun date around the city. Gabby opens up to Clayton about her bad relationship with her mother and how its hard for her to navigate. Clayton gives her the rose.

The group date which should be without any Shanae drama, is the girls roasting Clayton and each other. Despite not being there, the most roasted is Shanae. There’s no drama at the after party and the group date rose goes to Rachel, who Clayton has a very strong connection with.

Lastly Genevieve and Shanae have a two on one date with Clayton, with one of them going home. On the two on one at Niagara Falls, Clayton and the two ladies go on the Maid of the Mist. Let’s see what other bad decisions Clayton makes on Shanae, when this continues next week.

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