Down to four ladies heading to hometowns for Clayton

Last week one source of drama left this season of The Bachelor with Shanae getting sent home but we picked up the new center of the drama with Mara saying that Sarah isn’t ready for marriage and should get sent home.

We ended last week’s episode with Sarah getting her second one on one with Clayton and Mara jealous that she hasn’t had one. When Clayton brings it up to her, she obviously gets upset but Clayton gives her a rose. She gets back to the ladies at the house and brings it up hoping to get some truth of who brought it up about her not being ready to Clayton. Mara says it was her that brought it up for no reason, obviously out of jealousy. This Mara girl’s coming off as an absolutely desperate bitch. At the cocktail party the next day, Mara asks Sarah to go talk. Mara’s now pissed about the “last ditch effort” comment that Sarah said when she got back. At the rose ceremony, the final rose of the evening goes to Genevieve, sending Mara home. Good. See ya!

Clayton and the ladies next head to Vienna with Clayton with just one week until hometowns. Susie gets the first one on one date this week, her second of the season. Susie was the first girl this season to tell Clayton that she’s falling in love with him. They go shopping, then go see a fashion designer and she tries on these red carpet gowns. Boring date. At dinner, Clayton gives Susie the rose, making her the first girl of the season going to hometowns.

For the group date this week, Clayton goes on couples therapy with each of the ladies. Kind of a strange date. Genevieve really struggles with opening up to him and Clayton pulls her aside and sends her home since they both agree they don’t have enough of a connection together. No real surprise there. After doing therapy with each of the girls, the therapist tells Clayton that one of the girls seemed like she was being performative and putting on an act. At the after party he asks the girls about it. The other three girls tell Clayton that Sarah has acted manipulative to the other girls by making untrue comments. Then Clayton asks Sarah to talk last and brings up what Rachel, Gabby and Teddi said about being uncomfortable and wanting to leave with Sarah making it seem that it was locked up with her and Clayton. She starts crying and seems to be real fake about it. Clayton calls her out on it and says he feels like she just tried to fake cry for him and doesn’t seem genuine at all. This girl’s gotta be going home right now. Clayton tells Sarah that he can’t move forward with her and sends her home. Clayton doesn’t give anyone a group date rose and takes it to the rose ceremony. 

Serene gets the second one on one of the week. They have a horse carriage ride through town and then at dinner connect on their prior relationships and Serene tells Clayton that she’s falling in love with him. 

Serene, will you accept this rose?

And she’s the second to hometowns. Onto the rose ceremony with one of the three remaining ladies without a rose going home. With the first rose, Clayton gives it to Rachel, which was exactly what I expected. And with the final rose tonight…

Gabby, will you accept this rose?

That one sort of surprised me a little bit, I thought he was going to give it to Teddi. 

Hometowns next week with the remaining four ladies.

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