Clayton’s Dramatic Women Tell All

With only three women remaining after last week’s hometowns, we’re already nearing the end of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. This week we have back to back episodes last night and tonight starting with yesterday’s Women Tell All, which I’m watching a day late. I’ve started to hate these drama fueled episodes every season so I don’t really care, but with some of the terrible girls this season and some of the bad decision making that Clayton has made, this one should be pretty entertaining.

The first source of drama we start on is the main one of the season, Shanae. She starts off with saying she’s not sorry and that all the other girls were fake. Which obviously starts shit with all of them. 

Jesse reigns them in and changes the conversation to Claire. I forgot entirely about this girl, but she was so awful on night one saying right away that she hated Clayton, got all the rest of the girls to hate her and got sent home. Next is Cassidy, who was the first annoying on that kept getting screen time early playing the game of The Bachelor with Clayton. The rest of the girls weren’t thrilled with her and just saying how she was disrespectful to the girls. This is exactly why I hate these episodes every season. Coming back from commercial, we then see the scene of Cassidy telling Sierra about her friend with benefits from before the show.

Next up, onto Shanae, who of course is the first one on the hot seat for the night. All of these girls get into such an obsession with how Shanae lied and played the game in the house. It doesn’t phase her whatsoever, which honesty, kind of gotta give her respect for that. Genevieve then joins Shanae on the hot seat to discuss the two on one date that ultimately sent Shanae home. When asked about why on that two on one date Shanae said that Genevieve was acting, when it in fact was Shanae acting, Shanae then says that when she got eliminated and went home she was grieving it but then says that when Genevieve went home she just went to fuck Aaron from Katie’s season. The drama we wanted. Then Genevieve said she has a screenshot of Shanae sliding into Aaron’s DMs. Shanae then says that replying to DMs is different than sliding in…its the same thing. 

Sarah is next on the hot seat to discuss her conflicts with the other women after her relationship with Clayton progressed. Nothing really comes out of that conversation. 

Teddi joins Jesse on the hot seat. She had gotten the first impression rose and then was sent home the week going into hometowns. She tears up about that she hasn’t been in love in the past and thinks part of that was because of her parents being separated and that then she would have toxic relationship with guys. Afterwards Teddi says that Clayton’s brother reached out to her.

Serene, who I thought was the most mature and down to Earth lady this season (and possibly the next Bachelorette) is next up on the hot seat after just getting sent home last week after hometowns. 

Clayton finally joins the show to face all the ladies of his season. Sierra, who I found to be incredibly annoying this season, starts off with asking Clayton why he ignored what all the girls were saying about Shanae. Several other girls add into it that Clayton couldn’t just admit that he had a stronger connection with Shanae than he did with the other girls and that he just chose to ignore them. The drama filled item that Clayton talks is the issues with Sarah and Sarah says that the one constantly stirring the pot was him. In closing, Clayton apologizes to Serene for the way he left things and ended things with her, which I thought was a nice move. 

The episode finishes off with bloopers and a look back at Jesse’s season of The Bachelor like a decade ago…back before everyone came on the show to become Instagram famous.

Closing out in talking about the finale of this season, Jesse asks Clayton about how he fell in love with Gabby, Rachel and Susie at the end and Sierra (annoying. as. fuck.) interrupts and asks “who are you to act a certain way and subject these women to this kind of behavior of your’s?”. Ummm first off, this show is The Bachelor…NOT “The 30 girls that came on as contestants on The Bachelor to try to get Instagram famous”. Second, how the hell was he supposed to know that he’d fall in love with all three girls. People (including me) say that these contestants don’t take this seriously anymore, but for Clayton to get to the point where he fell in love with all three of them, if he genuinely really did, just shows that he went all in on the process. Can’t fault the guy for that. 

Teddi leaves it that knowing what happens, she hopes Clayton is okay.

Tonight we continue with a very dramatic continuation of the drama for fantasy suites and then next week we get the dramatic two night live finale of this season.

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