Clayton Really Digs Himself a Hole Telling All Three Final Women He’s In Love With Them

This week we have two nights of The Bachelor and after Monday’s Women Tell All episode we’re back to Clayton’s journey to find love as he goes to Iceland with Gabby, Rachel and Susie for fantasy suites.

Clayton starts off arriving to Iceland saying that he thinks he might be falling in love with all three of the women and that he might already be in love with Susie, so she’s the front runner of the final three. 

Rachel’s the first to have her date in Iceland and her and Clayton start their date with a sightseeing tour via helicopter. After their helicopter ride, they go inside and inactive volcano. Pretty cool date! At dinner Rachel’s biggest thing is that she doesn’t know where Clayton’s head is at and that he hasn’t been 100% transparent and open about his feelings for her. Then he tells her “I’m falling in love with you and I have been”. He tells her that he hasn’t felt that way about someone in five or six years since his last relationship…but doesn’t say that he’s also falling in love with Gabby and Susie, obviously.

Should you choose to forgo your individual rooms, please use this key to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite.

I do smile every time they read that card every season. Rachel and Clayton wake up the next morning after they obviously fucked. When Rachel gets back to the suite with Susie and Gabby, she tells them about their date and says she knows this is really awkward and that they all respect each other but then Rachel says “I’m really sorry in advance”…cause Clayton told that he was in love with her and they fucked, something that typically doesn’t happen with all three girls.

Gabby gets the next date. Her and Clayton go riding around on a dune buggy, which seems like a really fun date. At dinner that night, Clayton tells Gabby that he’s falling in love with her and they go to the fantasy suite as well. And they fuck in an igloo shaped fantasy suite.

Meanwhile back in the suite, Susie is really crumbling going through the worst case scenario for her in her head that Clayton had sex with Rachel and/or Gabby. Going into the week she was the front runner but now after he already told the other two women he was in love with them, who knows.

Clayton then realizes that after telling Gabby and Rachel that he was in love with them and that he’ll likely tell Susie the same, he starts to break down on his own a bit too realizing that he’s gonna have to hurt one of them. No shit. That’s why most of the previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes haven’t said that until they’re engaged at the finale. “It’s crazy to think that I could be in love with three women”. Can’t say Clayton’s not here for the right reasons and all in on it.

Susie’s very nervous going into her date, looking for clarity. For their date, Susie and Clayton go to an Icelandic spa going back and forth from cold to heat. Clayton says before seeing Susie for dinner that night that this is the biggest night for him of the whole journey and that he’s not just falling in love with her, he’s past that point and is in love with her. So even with him telling the other two that he’s falling in love with them, Clayton’s all in with Susie. Before dinner, he tells Susie that he’s in love with her. She’s surprised by it but obviously is very happy about it. After that though, Susie says that in knowing that there’s a potential engagement in a week, she says that there’s things he can’t compromise and that she’s uncomfortable with having to voice her concerns and thoughts. She then asks Clayton if he feels the same way in love with someone else or if he’s slept with another woman. Clayton of course gets real uncomfortable but answers Susie’s question that yes, he has slept with someone else there and that he’s expressed feelings with someone else that he’s falling in love. Susie’s clearly upset by that and Clayton in trying to make it better tells her that each relationship he has is different but that he’s the most in love with her, which just makes her feel worse about it. He then tells her that if he knew that it was a deal breaker for her that he would’ve changed his actions. No girl is going to take that well. Clayton then makes it even worse for himself by telling Susie that he slept with both Rachel and Gabby. 

She walks away and Clayton goes outside upset as well…I mean, he got himself into this mess. After both of them have their breakdowns, Susie comes to talk to Clayton again and says she can’t see herself leaving here with him. Clayton then says he’s going to be honest with her and says that she invalidated everything that they had. I mean that’s a bit much. After that they just end it, cause there’s no chance they were coming back from that. I mean, Clayton was a dick there to Susie for an issue he brought on himself.

After his breakup with Susie, Clayton has his own meltdown that the whole thing is over. It’s sure to be a dramatic two night season finale next week, and really for the first time this season, I’m pumped to watch it unfold.

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