Clayton’s season of The Bachelor finishes off with big drama and a happy end

I had lacrosse practice last night during part two of the finale to Clayton’s season of The Bachelor after a fantastic part one on Monday night. I had to get through the day without any spoilers from social media but finally, time to watch the closing of Clayton’s journey. 

On Monday night after Susie went home, Clayton introduced his family to Gabby and Rachel…but its still Susie that Clayton’s hung up on, even though he’s still “in love” with all three of them. Susie comes to see Clayton and quickly meets his parents before her and Clayton go outside to talk. She confronts him about their fight on their final date and how Clayton reacted to it like a complete dick. He apologizes and says he didn’t mean what he said to her that night and was out of character. He asks her to give him a second chance and she says that she doesn’t know and isn’t a place to make that decision yet but appreciated his apology.

After speaking with Susie, Clayton decides that he has to break up with Gabby and Rachel. So it’s only Susie now for him. He goes to talk to both Gabby and Rachel together and that even though he just told them both that he was in love with them, his heart is no longer there and with Susie. This seems like the most generic breakup ever. Gabby goes “I don’t really have anything to say” and pretty much tells off Clayton and walks away. Good for her. Clayton then follows her and Gabby tells him “I actually don’t know you at all” and goes hard telling him off. This girl’s great and gives Clayton a dose of reality. She even says no to if he can walk her out.

Back to the live finale in LA, Gabby joins Jesse on the hot side, gives more clarity on her side of everything that happened in Iceland, with really no surprises. Clayton joins them and Gabby tells him that watching it back she felt mislead and that she didn’t get all the information from Clayton that she should’ve to make decisions on if he wanted to leave or not. He apologizes but she’s completely right on everything she said.

Back to Iceland.

After Gabby leaves, Clayton goes back to talk to Rachel individually. Probably should’ve spoken to them both individually in the first place before instead of doing this whole ridiculous two for one breakup. She tells Clayton how strongly she had fallen in love with him, how horrible what he put them through at that rose ceremony was, that she was the only one that stayed there with him and how terrible of a spot he put her in. Also, like Gabby, none of what she said was wrong. She then very emotionally doesn’t even want to go in the car as Clayton sends her home crying, with no reaction from him.

Back to LA and Rachel’s on the hot seat. She talks about how blindsided she was by Clayton’s completely disrespectful two for one breakup with Gabby and her and how truly heartbroken she was. 

The first half of this season sucked, but what a hell of a last few episodes this has been.

Clayton joins Rachel on the hot seat and she calls him out on how she became collateral damage on his completely selfish journey and that he showed no empathy or respect for her or Gabby. He apologizes to her and she even says that she just doesn’t believe him. Like Gabby said previously, Rachel points out that Clayton had said that he wanted to remain transparent with him but that he left the most important parts of that he knew he loved Susie the most and that he knew she was the one. To finish off, she asks Clayton if he only told her that she was the first person he said he loved in six years just to sleep with her, which he obviously denies.

Back to Iceland, where Susie is the only one left and is currently broken up with Clayton. He has the Neil Lane ring planning to let Susie know how he feels and that he’s ready to propose to her. Clayton sends a long letter to her and asks for her to meet with him. Susie shows up to The Final Rose. He pours his heart out to Susie, shows her that he has a ring and pleads her to let him prove his feelings for her. She tells him that she appreciated his letter and knows that what he’s telling her is genuine BUT that she doesn’t feel like she is in the same place as him in that she doesn’t have the same kind of love for him as he does for her. She tells him that she made the decision to leave Iceland alone and that she doesn’t think that they’re the right person for each other. He asks her if its over or if she feels like in time she can get there with him. She tells him that she feels like its over. No proposal. No final rose. For the first time in history of The Bachelor, Clayton was rejected on the final day of his journey.

Back to the LA studios again and Clayton’s on the hot seat talking to Jesse. Clayton says that he felt like he failed. He says that he left Iceland and that after he went back to real life, Susie surprised him and reached out to him. She joins them and says that her leaving Iceland by herself and taking time by themselves after the show was the best thing that could’ve happened with them and that they are now back together. Everything she says does make sense. Have to take a step back and be out of that bubble of this so overly produced show to figure out if a relationship will actually work in the real world.

They finish off with as every season does:

Susie, will you accept this final rose?

Good for them. Glad it worked out for them and it was almost more realistic that it did in this way rather than how every other season did.

Clayton’s season of The Bachelor finishes off with big drama and a happy end.

Both Gabby and Rachel are announced as “the next Bachelorette” which is great and they will both be the Bachelorette together in a slightly new format for the first time with two leads for the entire season. With what Clayton put them both through, they both deserve it. Can’t wait to watch.

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