NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/3/22

Last night the NHL Playoffs started off with four series. Got reverse swept going 0-6-1 to lose 9.52 units. Horrible start to the playoffs and I’ll recap each of those four games in tomorrow’s blog for all the Game 2s of that series. Tonight the other four series of the remaining teams begin. Let’s bounce back from yesterday’s losses and sweep tonight’s board!

Game 1: Rangers vs. Penguins (7:00)

I think the edge to this series goes to the Rangers on goaltending with likely Vezina winner Igor Shesterkin in goal, which I explained in my preview of this series. I will take the Rangers to win the series for 2.5 units. With Tristan Jarry still out for the Penguins, I like the Rags to win Game 1 at home in MSG. I’ll go with 1.5 units on the Rangers ML along with a unit on the under 6.

Game 1: Panthers vs. Capitals (7:30)

I said in my series breakdown, I don’t really give the Caps much of a chance to do more than steal a game or two in this series. The price on the series for Florida at -335 is too expensive for me to bet on straight but I’ll take Florida to win the series in six games or less for 2.5 units.. In Game 1 tonight, I like the Panthers to win this game at home to start the playoffs on a solid note. I think the moneyline is overpriced though at -240. I’ll go with 1.5 units on the Panthers TT over 3.5, a unit on the over 6 and half a unit on the Panthers in regulation.

Game 1: Avalanche vs. Predators (9:30)

In my breakdown of this series, I said that the Predators don’t have a shot in hell at winning this series, especially without Juuse Saros. I will go with a unit each on the Avs to win the series in five games or less, to win exactly 4-1 and to sweep. For Game 1, the moneyline at -335 is too expensive for me on Colorado, who should easily win at home. I’ll go with 1.5 units on the Avs TT over 4, a unit on the Avs in regulation and half a unit on the over.

Game 1: Flames vs. Stars (10:00)

This is such a boring series to me. I think the Flames win this series pretty easily, as I explained on my series preview. Although the series price on them is too expensive to me at -400, I’ll take the Flames to win in six games or less for 3 units. The moneyline in Game 1 on Calgary is a little too expensive for me at -230, but I’ll take the Flames in regulation for a unit at home.

Game Bets

1.5u Rangers ML (-136)

1u Rangers/Penguins under 6 (-131)

1.5u Panthers TT over 3.5 (-182)

1u Panthers/Capitals over 6.5 (-150)

.5u Panthers in regulation (-148)

1.5u Avalanche TT over 4 (-141)

1u Avalanche in regulation (-195)

.5u Avalanche/Predators over 6.5 (-134)

1u Flames in regulation (-136)

Series Bets

1u Bruins (+104)

2u Bruins/Hurricanes over 5.5 games (-162)

2u Lightning (-107)

2u Lightning/Maple Leafs over 5.5 games (-162)

2u Wild/Blues over 5.5 games (-175)

1u Wild/Blues over 6.5 games (+220)

.2u Wild win series 4-2 (+490)

.2u Wild win series 4-3 (+475)

.2u Blues win series 4-3 (+600)

2u Oilers in six games or less (-114)

2.5u Rangers (-118)

2.5u Panthers in six games or less (-152)

1u Avalanche in five games or less (-117)

1u Avalanche win series 4-1 (+230)

1u Avalanche win series 4-0 (+290)

3u Flames in six games or less (-157)


1u Bruins: Stanley Cup Champions (+1800)

1u Wild: Stanley Cup Champions (+1600)

.5u Blues: Stanley Cup Champions (+2200)

Record: 809-611-33 (+10.09 units)

Regular Season: 809-605-32 (+19.61 units)

Playoffs: 0-6-1 (-9.52 units)

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