NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 5/13/22

Pretty much broke even yesterday, losing 0.07 units. My individual game bets went 4-1-2 to win 2.33 units which offset my 2.4 unit loss on the Wild/Blues series to go to seven games and my future on the Wild to win the Cup (Blues future survives too another round!). Still have my series bets on the Lightning and Bruins both alive to Game 7! Tonight we have four more Game 6s with two series bets a win away from cashing. 

Game 6: Penguins vs. Rangers (7:00)

Going in Game 5 on the brink of elimination on Wednesday night down in the series 3-1, the Rangers came back from down 2-0 to beat the Penguins 5-3 at home to extend the series at least another game. Another elimination game in Pittsburgh tonight with a chance to end the Rags season. The bigger thing that came out of Game 5 though is that Sidney Crosby, the best player in the NHL and the best player in the playoffs is now out with a concussion after leaving the game after a hit from Jacob Trouba. When they were down 3-1, I pretty much wrote off the Rangers as a lost series but with Sid out, along with the Pens goaltending issue, New York might have a chance. I like them to extend the series to seven games with a win tonight. I have over 4 units at risk on them to win the series and I’ll do the same hedge (that still cashed in the Rangers win) that I had on Wednesday with 2.5 units on the Penguins TT over 2.5 which hopefully cashes in a Rangers win again. I’ll also take the over for a unit. Along with that, I will also go with a parlay to win a unit on the 3P over 1.5 and the Florida 3P over 1.5.

Game 6: Capitals vs. Panthers (7:30)

It didn’t look great for my series bets on this game for the Panthers to win it in six games or less with the series tied going into Game 5. The Capitals got out to an early 3-0 lead in that game before Florida came roaring back to win 5-3 and put the Caps a game away from elimination. I still like my series bet on them to win this game tonight and send Ovi and the Caps home, which still has around the same value now on the ML. I’ll hedge out of some of the risk on this with 1.5 units on the Caps TT over 2.5, hoping for them to score three goals in a loss. With this being an elimination game for the Capitals and the series trending over anyway, I love the over in this game, which I will take for 2 units, along with my parlay on the 3P over of this game with the Rangers/Penguins 3P over.

Game 6: Stars vs. Flames (9:30)

The Flames looked shaky in games 2 and 3 in this series but they took over and dominated Game 4 to tie up the series and continued it with a huge 3-1 win to put the Stars a game away from being eliminated on home ice tonight. Going into this series, I thought Calgary was gonna crush the Stars and the way they’ve played these last two games, they’re showing what I expected out of them to start the series. I have a pretty big series bet on them to win this in six games and close out the series tonight. I’m just letting it ride. Hedging is for gardeners (I say, as I hedged the other two games tonight). I’ve been crushing the unders on this series easily pretty much every game (5-1 this series) but with the elimination scenario for the Stars in play tonight, I’ll switch that to take the over 5 in this game for a unit. I expect the Flames to be leading in the third period which should see Rick Bowness pull the goalie early. 

Note: If you don’t have my series bets, I’d get rid of the Pens TT, take the Rangers ML for a unit, Panthers ML for 2 units, make the Caps TT only a unit and take the Flames ML for 2.5 units.

Game Bets

2.5u Penguins TT over 2.5 (-155)

1u Penguins/Rangers over 6 (-120)

1.12u parlay: Penguins/Rangers 3P over 1.5 & Panthers/Capitals 3P over 1.5 (-112)

1.5u Capitals TT over 2.5 (-155)

2u Panthers/Capitals over 6.5 (-130)

1u Flames/Stars over 5 (-145)

Open Series Bets

1u Bruins (+104)

2u Lightning (-107)

1u Lightning (-118)

2.5u Rangers (-118)

1u Rangers (-150)

2.5u Panthers in six games or less (-152)

3u Flames in six games or less (-157)


1u Bruins: Stanley Cup Champions (+1800)

.5u Blues: Stanley Cup Champions (+2200)

Record: 859-648-38 (+22.74 units)

Regular Season: 809-605-32 (+19.61 units)

Playoffs: 50-43-6 (+3.13 units)

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