Evidently Can’t Gamble on iOS 16 Yet and It’s Bullshit

I just did something so degenerate that I had to write this blog. So obviously I like gambling. Way before I had Brew Reviews every day and was spewing my thoughts on what roses get handed out on The Bachelor every Monday night, I started this blog as a gambling website. I had been writing up full breakdowns of every PGA Tour event and would have to send these multiple page Word documents to a bunch of my buddies, so I figured why not start a blog and put them online. Then I started doing daily NHL breakdowns like three or four seasons ago and dove all the way into it for every day full blown betting previews of every single game and haven’t missed one since along with my weekly golf breakdowns and weekly PLL lax write ups. Now, four years and 1477 blogs later, here we are.

Way before my passion of sports gambling, I was obsessed with Apple and their products. Back in the days when Steve Jobs was still alive, I’d get early dismissals in high school to watch their keynotes as new devices would get announced. I waited in line to get new iPhones. Although I don’t get all pumped about it anymore, I still love my iPhone and MacBook and pick up the new iPhone every year on release day. There’s nothing that you own that you use more than your phone, so might as well have the latest and greatest. Well worth it. 

Well anyway, this past week I installed the iOS 16 beta software on my iPhone 13 Pro. That’s actually pretty late for me seeing that they’re already on the fourth beta version almost two months after it initially released to developers (yeah, I’m that much of a nerd that I have access to an Apple Developer account). I always enjoy trying out all the new features and everything three months before most people even know it exists, along with doing some easy testing and shit for work on the new versions. In years past, I’ve waited maybe a week after the first beta was released to install it just to be sure that my phone was going to become a brick but this year for some reason, despite reading that the betas have been very stable, I just wasn’t in a huge rush. But I got to it this week and have no complaints yet. Having widgets on the lock screen is cool I guess. Just gotta glance at my phone to see the weather. I’m sure no one else cares.

So tonight as I was writing up my Wyndham Championship breakdown for this week, I opened up BetRivers (which is my go to app for golf betting in NY since they’re the only ones who offer each ways to T6) to actually place my bets, the damn app just sat there spinning and not loading or verifying my location. I thought that was pretty weird but thought not much of it. Just figured the app was down or something. Opened up FanDuel and instead of just spinning, I got an error that FanDuel Sportsbook that told me that they don’t support rooted or jailbroken devices, which apparently they see the beta version of iOS 16 as not legit and they can’t verify that you’re in a legal gambling location.

Since it’s summer time, there isn’t much to bet. I don’t bet much baseball, pretty much just betting on my Yankees every day and even that, I still mainly just place with my bookie from way before gambling was legalized in this dump of New York state. I’ve also placed most of my PLL lacrosse bets through him too (shocked he takes those). The kicker though, he never has taken golf bets. I think golf is easily the most beneficial to shop around through all the legal sportsbooks every week anyway, especially when you can get things like T6 each ways on some books and no dead heat rules on others. So when I went to place my golf bets this week was the first I found this problem. Thankfully new major versions of iOS don’t come out in the middle of hockey season. 

I’m assuming the overlap of iPhone nerds who install the latest beta versions of software on their phone and degenerate gambling addicts isn’t a huge sample size, but this is a big fucking deal for me.

Some people might’ve just taken the L on this one and said, whatever, I just won’t bet on golf until this is fixed. But not me. I pulled an old iPhone 12 (yeah, thats old for me, deal with it) out of storage, set the thing up and downloaded just FanDuel and BetRivers and placed all my bets.

I thought nothing of this at first, but then as I sat there with two phones in front of me, one solely to place golf bets, I realize how ridiculous and degenerate this was. And how it was fucking hilarious.

BetRivers and FanDuel…make sure I can bet on my iPhone running iOS 16 as soon as possible. ASAP. 

And I really hope I win this week on those golf bets (make sure you check out that Wyndham preview, link above). Make it worth it!!!

PS: It’s been a while since I just sat down and wrote a blog on a limb instead of for a specific series I regularly do (Brew Review, Bachelor recap, PGA breakdown, PLL preview). It was a fucking blast writing this. I love doing these types of blog and as I was writing this one, other blog ideas popped in my head. May just have to get back into these ones. Along with that, already got some huge plans for the blog for this coming hockey season to expand even bigger from just the preview blogs I’ve done the last few years and some stuff for the Bills season. Trying to take this site to the moon (Barstool). But look out for some other random ones too, may write a quick fun one the next couple days on the LIV Tour suing the PGA.

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