Dramatic first part to the finale of Rachel and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette

In last week’s two nights of overnights lead to lots of drama. Gabby sent home both Johnny and Jason who couldn’t commit to an engagement and only has Erich remaining with her on her journey going into this week’s finale. Rachel meanwhile has three guys left in Tino, Aven and Zach. Her nights with Tino and Aven went great but her night with Zach didn’t go well for either of them.

Tonight we begin the live most shocking and emotional finale of all time picking up from last week with Zach pulling Rachel to talk before the rose ceremony. He tells her that he felt on their overnight date he felt like he was talking to the “bachelor Rachel” and not the real Rachel. He says that Rachel’s concern about the engagement with Zach hurt him. She says that she was trying to find the missing piece with him and clarity and that she thought spending the night with him would help her find that. Obviously it didn’t. He decides to leave, she walks him out then goes back to the rose ceremony and gives both Aven and Tino roses.

Back to the studio where Zach and Rachel speak for the first time since their breakup. They both apologize for how it ended the way they did at that rose ceremony. Its very low key with zero drama in their conversation, with them both acting completely mature about the whole thing as they get closure.

Rachel goes to meet with her parents and her two best friends and the first guy that they meet is Aven. He crushes talking to his family and they accept him but when talking to her friends, he says that he can see himself getting there with Rachel to be ready for an engagement but that he’s falling in love with her. He kind of fumbles through that discussion with the two friends. When her friends tell Rachel what Aven told them about the engagement, she’s shocked since its not what he had told her. When they talk afterwards, it becomes a pretty big argument between them, for good reason.

Next it’s Erich, Gabby’s only remaining guy to meet Gabby’s family. She’s very emotional but it goes great with Erich meeting her dad, stepmom, aunt and grandpa (again).

Rachel’s back up now for Tino to meet her family. Going into it she has some bad vibes going into it after her disagreement with Aven the previous night. Before even introducing Tino to them, Rachel tells her family that Tino’s family doesn’t like her. He looks super nervous going into it. First, Rachel’s mom pulls him away to talk and drills him with questions about his family not liking her right away. After talking with Rachel, her dad pulls Tino to talk to him one on one. Right away he asks about what happened on the hometown and then about how their future could look together. Overall the day goes pretty well though.

Rachel and Aven have their final date. He apologizes to her to make her feel the way he did a few days prior about the whole engagement thing. He tells her that he wants to do life outside of the Bachelorette bubble before getting engaged and how important that is for him to experience life with her and them to be fully in love before getting engaged. Which I think is all very valid, but not really how the show works. She breaks down crying about not being on the same page as him and that she feels blindsided by him. It very much seems like she just wants to get engaged right away and rush it. She says its over and can’t move forward with him.

Aven joins Rachel in studio to discuss their breakup. He apologizes for the way he blindsided her and let her down in that moment. They both agree that they were both being honest with what they really wanted and Aven apologizes for how things transpired with how he was honest with her family and friends and that he hadn’t discussed it with Rachel first. Good closure though.

Now its time for Gabby’s final date with Erich, which hopefully goes better with the way Rachel’s went with Aven. They have a very good conversation about their feelings for each other and Erich says that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her but that he doesn’t want to rush anything or for there to be expectations for anything that wouldn’t be natural for them…like an engagement. He says that he wishes he knew how to handle the situation knowing that she’s expecting to get engaged. He tells her that he wants to date her in the real world outside of this and see how that goes before an engagement. Of course, that upsets Gabby. Sort of seems like an overblown reaction just because of the format of the show. Like just leave together and keep dating. Don’t have to get engaged just to say you got engaged on the show.

We continue with the shocking conclusion next Tuesday night.

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