At least we got one heartwarming ending to a relationship on this wild season for Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette

Last week was the first half of this season’s finale of The Bachelorettes, seemingly with drama and trouble that from my perspective is just being caused by both girls wanting to get engaged at the end of this whole thing rather than just being in relationships that work and trying to experience life outside of this bubble with their guys. Each lady only has one man remaining, Rachel has only Tino left and Gabby has only Erich left. But after this week will either leave engaged? Will either leave in a relationship? We’ll see as we kick off the most dramatic and most shocking finale in Bachelorette history. Live in studio for a three hour finale.

We start in studio with Rachel and Gabby. Back to Mexico, Gabby goes back to talk to Erich after he had told her that she didn’t want to be engaged yet and wanted to date her outside of this bubble but that she just wants to be engaged. Meanwhile Rachel goes to see Tino and after breaking up with Aven, she goes to tell him that he is the only one left there with her.

Next up is Rachel and Tino’s final rose ceremony. Queue the romantic music and Tino proposes to Rachel. She accepts his proposal and finishes it off with…

“Tino, will you accept this final rose”

They get on a literal white horse and ride away happily together.

Back to the LA studios with Rachel alone to talk to Jesse on the hot seat to talk about why her reactions watching that proposal play back and reliving it didn’t seem good whatsoever. Rachel talks about the difficulties after leaving the show how it is to adjust to life with that person dating long distance and getting to know them outside of the Bachelorette bubble can be. Which is pretty obvious since its all set up to feel like a fairy tale inside that of course changes when you leave and have to experience the real world. She says that her and Tino’s relationship didn’t work out and he cheated on her. 

Next we go back to see Rachel and Tino’s breakup. First, Gabby goes to talk to Rachel and then after Gabby leaves, Tino goes to have his first convo with her since telling her that he cheated on her. He says that he kissed another girl but that it was a small thing and real nonchalantly tries to act like its nothing. The whole conversation makes it seem to me that their entire relationship was toxic. He gets pissed and leaves, crying to a producer to just tell Rachel to just break up with him. He comes back and asks her what she wants out of this and she tells him that she wants answers that she truly believes and for him to take accountability for his actions. He just walks out again. When they go back in, she ends things with him and gives him the ring back.

Back in the studio, Tino joins Rachel on the hot seat. Their final conversation just shows how much they weren’t right for each other and how bad their short lived relationship was.

After that, Aven comes out after asking for an opportunity to talk to Rachel again. He asks her to get out of there, go talk and catch up. Smooth move. Good for them I guess.

Now its Gabby’s turn again. Back to Mexico to see the end of Gabby’s journey with Erich with their final rose ceremony. He proposes to her, giving her what she wants of an engagement and they get engaged! This proposal seems a lot more real and happy than Rachel and Tino’s.

“Erich, will you accept this final rose?”

At least we got one heartwarming ending to a relationship on this wild season as they ride out on a motorcycle together.

Back in studio, Erich joins his fiancé Gabby on the hot seat. Jesse asks Erich about his hesitancy the day before the proposal and how he ended up making the final decision to propose to Gabby and its a pretty generic answer. After a commercial break, the next topic that gets brought up by Jesse is about what it was like after filming ended for the couple. Additionally, he brings up some news on social media that a few days before filming that Erich was talking to another girl and that she had released texts that he said that he didn’t know the show was real, that he wasn’t using the show to find love and that just wanted to use the show as a platform to launch a “career”. No fucking shit. I feel like thats how everyone that goes on this show feels, cause it works that way now. Gone are the days of this being a romantic show for finding love. If that comes of it great, but we’ve seen that the show itself has essentially turned into a dramatic reality show that ABC focuses on the drama of way more than the love and relationship part of. That’s their own doing, and add in the social media aspect and that anyone that goes on the show like instantly becomes and influencer is part of that. Erich just got caught. Along with that, it was before the show, before he met Gabby so who cares. Erich takes full responsibility that he lead the girl on and that he didn’t see a future in it. He also points out how he went from being so hesitant of going on the show and not having any expectations to finding the love of his life. I think Erich and Gabby are a good match for each other and how they have a successful relationship in the future.

As any other season ending, we find out who’s the next Bachelor…Zach, who finished in third place out of Rachel’s guys. Really the only guy you could see it being out of this season out of both Rachel and Gabby’s groups. I think he’s a good selection to be the next Bachelor.

To start Zach’s journey, there will be a few women from his season to meet him on stage tonight with the audience deciding who gets a special first impression rose. We meet Brooklyn, Brianna, Bailey, Cat and Christina. Very quick intros so this whole thing was a little bit of a gimmicky thing to get even more trending on Twitter than they already were going to be. America’s First Impression Rose goes to Brianna. This is a legit rose though, so she’s already passed the first night.

Be back next week for the best show in the Bachelor Nation universe, Bachelor in Paradise!!

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