Brandon and Serene are the perfect Bachelor in Paradise couple

Another week in Paradise after Teddi’s crazy Irish goodbye from the beach last week. Also, a side note, thank god I have two TVs so I could watch Sunday night football while this is on.

Rodney, who just came to the beach was planning to take Teddi for his date and gets told that she just left and that makes sense to no one. Jill really wants to go on a date with Rodney but Lace also wants him and she really puts the moves on him and they start making out.

We then get a whole long thing about Jarod and Ashley, who are back in Paradise as a couple for some reason I still can’t figure out. Last I checked this was BACHELOR in Paradise, not “married couple on vacation in Paradise”.

Genevieve, Shanae, Aaron and James come back from their date. Genevieve pulls Justin away and tells him a bit about her connection with Aaron. She pretty much tells him that Aaron made here feel wanted, where Justin didn’t. Its Justin’s birthday though so even after that whole thing, he uses that to get Genevieve to make out with him. Much to the disappointment of Aaron. And that’s a pretty weird and shady move by Genevieve. Flashbacks to last year for Aaron again. Then in the confessional, she says that “It was going terrible. I didn’t want to kiss him cause i knew it was wrong, but I wanted to kiss him”…this girl is bat shit crazy. After that, she pulls Aaron aside and apologizes to him and he accepts it. That lifts the weight of her stupid decision off her shoulders and solidifies things more with her and Aaron. The next morning, Justin is pissed with Genevieve and they get into an argument, pretty much ending their whole thing. Surprisingly after that, she tells her former rival Shanae about it. Transition to her whole thing. She goes and confronts Logan for seemingly not giving a shit. He asks about how her date with James went and she asks why he isn’t showing her any effort. She gets irritated and walks away.

We get the first date card of the week and its for Ashley and Jared. What a fucking waste. They’re married, zero reason to waste air time and a date card on this MARRIED couple. Why are they even here? Completely unnecessary for this to be wasting my time (as if the rest of these shows aren’t a waste of my time for hours every week). Again, I’m glad I have two TVs side by side, let’s score another touchdown Chiefs and cover this 7 point spread. 

Another date card, this time a real one. Brandon gets it and of course takes Serene as they’re the most solid couple in Paradise. Brandon was my favorite from Michelle’s season and Serene was one of my favorite’s from Clayton’s season so I really hope these two work out perfectly. Cue the romantic music. They’re like a perfect Paradise couple. On their date, Brandon tells Serene that he’s falling in love with her and she tells him that she is definitely falling in love with him too and that she’s never felt this special in her life before. Aweeeeeeeee. Even in her confessional clip afterwards, she tears up talking about the look in Brandon’s eyes looking at her. They’re an adorably perfect couple from Paradise.

Back on the beach, Michael and Sierra seemingly have a pretty thing going on but he admits that he feels like he takes a step forward and two steps back in grieving from his late wife. Let’s be honest, he’s a good guy, but he probably shouldn’t be on these shows. She pulls him aside that night and brings him to a little private area to stargaze and she makes a cute gesture on three stars in the sky that represent his family. He appreciates her effort but tells her that he feels like there’s something missing and that he’s not ready to be in a relationship. He tells her that he thinks the best thing for him would be space from the romantic side of things and to just be friends. This dude should not be on this beach or on any Bachelor nation show. Have to feel bad for Sierra on this one. She leaves Paradise.

More air time for a married couple not banging in the boom boom room…again, who. fucking. cares.

Tomorrow Paradise continues with some relationships moving quick and others blowing apart, along with several guys going home with a rose ceremony coming.

In the end credits, we have Shanae and Genevieve peacefully settling all their on screen beef from their season of The Bachelor. So thats all over now. Cool I guess.

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