Another mostly drama free night of Bachelor in Paradise.

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was a bit boring to me. Wasn’t a whole ton of drama besides Genevieve’s love triangle with Justin and Aaron, but that was pretty short lived. And then we wasted a ton of time on Jared and Ashley, who I still don’t understand why are here…because they’re MARRIED. Not BACHELORS. But we did see a great love story continuing to develop for Brandon and Serene. Anyway, let’s continue tonight where there’s a rose ceremony coming out and several guys with zero connections on the beach and likely to go home.

Salley finally joins Paradise. This girl originally was supposed to be on Clayton’s season, got scared and didn’t even make it to the limos (but did get offered a rose on her way out). Her suitcase was already here but most of Paradise doesn’t even know who she is. Justin and her had already talked at Stagecoach, a regular occurrence for Bachelor Nation. Salley says that she missed three flights “because of work”…which is obviously a lie. Genevieve confronts Salley and asks if she was with her ex fiancé a few days before coming to Paradise, and Salley says that she works with him. She says that she felt like she needed a conversation for respect for him. Little bit of a shady response. Also, feels kind of weird that Shanae and Genevieve are just friends now. After that whole maybe an hour of drama, she just sends herself home. Just as quick as she got here, she gone. Lot of useless filler so far this season.

Next to join the beach is Peter from Michelle’s season. The fucking douchebag pizza guy from Michelle’s season. I couldn’t stand this kid on The Bachelorette. But more drama as it adds another guy while there’s already to a beach that already has five guys going home this week. Call it a cheeseburger. But yeah, this dude’s a loser. The only girl that has any interest in him is Brittany. He asks her on his date and she accepts. On the date which is on a date, Brittany starts to realize that this dude is entirely all self centered and all about his pizza and bragging about himself. She rejects him when he tries to kiss her. Just not a good date whatsoever. Also, this dude’s nose is like fucking sideways.

After that date goes no where, Andrew pulls Brittany aside and talks to her. They seem to have a connection and make out.

Jacob gets a date card and takes Jill, who he’s been vibing with. They start off with a meditation thing where they’re howling at the moon and weird shit like that but they both seem to be enjoying it. After a couple weird rituals, they both get naked, stand back to back and have this awkward little thing but they both enjoy it. They finish off their date in separate side by side hot tubs for a romantic evening. 

With a rose on the line, Logan sets up a cute little pool activity with Shanae. She appreciates the effort but I do still think she has a better connection with James than she does with Logan.

More waste of air time as we see Jared and Ashley talk about banging in the boom boom room and then cut to them after they do. Good for them I guess, but no reason for them to even be here.

Returning to the beach is Kira, who left last week when she didn’t get a rose from any of the guys. She pulls Jacob to talk after he comes back from his very good date with Jill. She tells him that she still has feelings for him. Jill gets upset with how long Jacob and Kira end up talking but ultimately tells Kira that their connection seemed too forced and it just wasn’t going to work with them and he goes back to Jill, admitting that he has a real connection with her. Jacob then goes up to Jill and explains that he rejected Kira and is all in on him and Jill.

As Kira walks away after that unsuccessful conversation, Romeo tries to desperately chase after her. She asks him if he regrets his decision of giving Jill his rose and he says he wishes he gave his to Kira. She agrees and they make out on the beach. After their kiss, she asks Romeo if he’d leave Paradise with her and he accepts, pretty much knowing he isn’t getting a rose anyway.

The drama ramps up big time next week.

PS: So glad my basement has three TVs. Huge Yankees win and nice wins on some pucks.

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