Lot of emotions on both sides as the ladies leave Paradise in the biggest twist this show’s ever seen

On last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, we saw the biggest twist to ever hit the beach. The ladies have to leave Paradise for a week with a new set of five girls coming in which will test the already formed relationships with the guys that are remaining. Such an interesting twice that’s for sure gonna be fun to watch. But there’s one more twist, new men will join the original ladies who have to leave the beach. They don’t know that yet though. 

🎶 Almost Paradise 🎶

At the beach, the first new connection. Jacob and Kate hit it off and make out in the pool while Jill loses her mind at the estate. Another quick connection, Eliza and Rodney who quickly make out too. And it seems like Rodney has a better connection with her than he did with Lace.

Meanwhile, returning from their great date are Michael and Danielle shocked to find a whole new set of girls on the beach. 

Back at the suite, Jesse Palmer goes to see the original ladies and gives them the next twist that will change everything, and the new men staying with them at the estate join in. The new guys are Rick and Olu from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette, Alex from Rachel Lindsey’s season, Tyler from Rachel and Gabby’s season and Adam from Bachelor Australia. 

On the beach, Jessenia tries to explore things with Andrew but he tells her that he’d rather just wait for Brittany to get back. BUT, cut to Brittany at the estate who quickly tells Tyler that she would go on a date with him and makes out with him. 

Sarah and Logan have a quick connection but he doesn’t really know how to move forward with her and seems to rather just stick with Shanae. 

The first date card of the week is to Shanae at the estate. Her third date of the season after her dates with Logan and James back at the beach. She asks Tyler to go on the date with her. 

At the beach the next morning, Kate and Jacob are talking and she tells him that her only hang up with them is Jill. He responds and tells her that when he wakes up in the morning, he doesn’t wake up thinking of Jill but did wake up that morning thinking of Kate. 

Aaron decides that he’s staying alone on the beach, just waiting on Genevieve. He says that he kinda misses her which is cute as we cut to her saying the same thing about him at the estate. 

For their date, Shanae and Tyler start by doing tantric yoga. Hot. They definitely enjoy it and make out. Afterwards Shanae tells Tyler that she thinks they should all explore different possible relationships and be a bit selfish to find what’s best. Her and Tyler definitely are into each other and have a pretty quick connection. She also says that she feels way more into Tyler than Logan.

On the beach, Sarah gets a date card and asks Logan. After just talking to the guys and mulling over if he wants to explore other connections or waiting for Shanae and gets convinced by the guys to see what happens at the beach, he accepts and goes on the date. They ride horses to a picnic on the beach. They hit it off, make out and have a great date. 

The guys at the estate are a bit disappointed with the vibes from the girls. With most of the ladies not bothering to even try to converse with the new guys. 

On the beach, Jessenia is still trying to get a connection going with Andrew. She sets up a cute little pizza and wine date with him. It’s very easy for both of them to open up and talk with a bit of a spark to it. They could be a nice couple. 

Shanae is super into Tyler and wants to take him to the boom boom room after their date but as they’re flirting alone, Jill comes to talk to them and cockblocks her as she sits their whining about missing Jacob. 

Of the new connections at the beach, Eliza and Rodney seems to have formed the strongest connection early and they get a date card. 

Lace at the estate is miserable trying to figure out if her and Rodney are on the same page. She gets a car ride back over to the beach to see if they’re on the same page. Didn’t know that was allowed. She gets back to the beach looking for him but is super pissed to find out that he’s out on a date when she arrives. AWKWARD. It’ll get even worse when she finds out how strong of a connect he already has with Eliza. He comes back and they go talk. 

To be continued next week on Bachelor in Paradise. Can’t wait!

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