Craziness at Geometry Beach on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Last week we saw the biggest twist in Bachelor in Paradise history. The original group of guys and girls got split and paired up with new sets. Some of the original guys quickly started new connections while a majority of the girls stuck with their original guys, not talking to the new ones. 

We come into this week where we picked up from last Tuesday with Lace and Rodney. Lace decides to go back to Paradise to check in on Rodney to find him on a date with Eliza, who she has a much stronger connection with. Lace confronts him and tells him that he just wants to be on the same page with him and if they aren’t going to work, then that’s it for her. He ends things and Lace sends herself home. Sucks for Lace there but Rodney made the right decision for him and had a much better connection with Eliza. 

Back at the resort, Jesse Palmer goes to see the original girls who are all miserable and just chilling together without any connections with the guys (besides Shanae so far). He lets them know that Lace went home since Rodney formed a stronger connection. 

Victoria, Brittany and Victoria all seem a bit open in exploring connections with some of the guys. Rick and Olu, who have no interest at all from the ladies get sent home right away. Kind of sucks for those two who had no chance to really make connections.

The biggest tangled web on the beach involves Logan, who’s went on a date and has a connection with Sarah, but him and Kate could see a connection between them (while she’s connecting with Jacob, who had a connection with Jill) and he already had a connection with Shanae, who also connected with Tyler. So this is gonna be entertaining to see how this one plays out. Geometry beach! Logan thinks that Kate is his top choice of her, Sarah and Shanae. 

The first date card of the week goes to Kate. The card says “Kate, follow your heart”. Before she does that she asks to pull Jacob to go talk, surprising everyone else. Kate breaks the news to him that she’s feeling a better connection with Logan than she does with Jacob. She asks Logan and he gladly accepts. Before they go, Logan asks to talk to Sarah and just fills her in. Probably the wrong order to do that in and Sarah gets real pissed about that, rightfully so.

Meanwhile at the resort the only thing going on there is Genevieve and Shanae, who absolutely fucking hated each other on The Bachelor are apparently now just the best of friends getting hammered together. Plot twist. 

To start their date, Kate and Logan give each other weird massages and really hit it off. Easily the strongest connection for both of them. 

For the first date card on the resort, Victoria asks Alex to go on the date with her and he accepts. They go to dinner and Victoria tells him that she connected with Johnny almost immediately on the beach and it’s harder for her to explore other interests. He plays it perfectly and makes her laugh. They seem like they have very similar goals for the future and leaving Paradise. Victoria really struggles with the decision between Alex and Johnny that she’ll eventually have to make. 

In the resort, Brittany pulls Tyler to talk to him and try to pursue a connection. She says that she has to talk to Andrew at the beach and he says he has to have a conversation with Shanae and they make out. Shanae’s pissed when she figures out that Tyler and Brittany are hitting it off. So Shanae (along with Logan) has now gone on the most dates in Paradise and now has no connections either at the resort or on the beach. 

Everything gets even crazier tomorrow night when the original ladies return to the beach. 

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