Mixed results with everyone returning to the beach on Bachelor in Paradise.

Last night we saw a ton of chaos unfold on Bachelor in Paradise and on tonight’s episode it will get even more insane as the original group of ladies return to the beach to see all the craziness that happened in their absence.

Jesse Palmer goes to see the original ladies at the resort and tells the girls that they can go back to “a very different beach” at any time that they wanted. The first group of girls to head back are Jill, Shanae and Genevieve. They come in looking miserable as fuck and immediately want to talk to the guys that they left alone. 

The first couple to talk are Genevieve and Aaron. Right away she comes in miserable and he fills her in with everything that happened on the beach and she’s thrilled when he tells her that he didn’t do anything while she was gone and only thought about her. 

Next up is Shanae to talk to Logan, which we already know is going to go big time bad. Lot of shit gonna go down with these two since Logan already chose Kate over both Shanae and Sarah. Shanae tells him that being away from him made her realize that she really likes him. He asks if she explored any other relationships. She tells him that she went on a date with Tyler and it was fun but that she liked how Logan made her feel more. He then tells her that he went on a date with Sarah but didn’t feel a connection with her but that he he feels he has to pursue things with Kate instead of with Shanae because Kate makes him feel seen and heard. He uses the way that Shanae handled juggling connections with James and Logan at the same time earlier in the season as an excuse for why he didn’t really care to explore more connections while she was gone. He asks her for a hug as she’s walking away and refuses. Doesn’t help for Shanae, who already had a problem with Kate coming at her during the Women Tell All of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor that Kate is the girl that Logan picked over her. Shanae’s big time pissed. After seeing Logan and Kate kiss all happy, Shanae goes back to ask Logan to talk again. She tells him that she’s so pissed and calls him out for being disrespectful to her and goes off on him. She’s right in being pissed but is overreacting quite a bit about it considering she pursued connections with James and Tyler as well. After that Kate goes to talk to Shanae. Shanae says that there’s really nothing to talk about since Logan doesn’t want to pursue her. Kate says she didn’t appreciate that Shanae talked shit about Kate behind her back which Shanae quickly responds back that Kate talked shit about Shanae on Women Tell All. Kate tries to make an invalid point that its completely different, which it really isn’t. Kate then says she doesn’t believe that Shanae has changed from her time on The Bachelor to here, which she has. Shanae just walks away. 

Jacob dreads Jill’s return knowing that he’s going to have to break up with her knowing that there isn’t a real connection between them. Jill tells him that she didn’t even attempt to make any new connections and just missed him. She asks what happened with him and he tells her that she made a connection with Kate and kissed her, thought something was there that he pursued it and that the connection with Kate felt like it was more than his connection with Jill. He then tells her that the connection with Kate didn’t amount to anything and that she’s with Logan now. He tells her that the fact that he thought he had a stronger connection with Kate even though it went no where sort of showed him that his connection with Jill wasn’t strong enough to continue to pursue. Jill, who’s super emotional says it sucked that she wishes she didn’t waste the whole last two weeks thinking of him but it gave her clarity and she leaves the beach. 

Back at the resort, Alex, Tyler and Adam (I think that’s his name) get told that they can go to the beach as well. After their date, Alex wants to pursue things with Victoria but is waiting for her to have a conversation first with Johnny and Tyler wants to pursue things with Brittany, who needs to talk things out with Andrew. 

Brittany, much happier than the others in her return to the beach goes to talk to Andrew. She tells him that going away gave her a bit of confusion as to where they were at since they were a pretty new connection right before the ladies going away. He says that he’s not in any rush and is pretty wishy washy in not caring. Andrew tells her that he went on a date with Jessenia that went well (for some reason I just don’t remember that date) and Brittany tells him that she met and wants to pursue Tyler. Andrew is perfectly fine with it and they’re both good to go with mutual feeling with new connections for each of them. 

Serene and Victoria finally are the last two girls to go back to the beach. They both walk down together and romantically jog to meeting their guys jumping into their arms. 

Serene rightfully so is very confident with her relationship with Brandon and coming back to continue things with him and they’re both thrilled to be back together again. These two will absolutely get engaged at the end of this and I could see these them legitimately working outside of this long term. They’re a cute couple for sure.

Johnny is all in on Victoria and they go talk. Victoria tells him that she likes him a lot and that she didn’t talk to anyone but that the last day there she got a date card and took Alex on a date. Johnny asks her if they made a connection and she tells him that Alex checked a lot of boxes and she wanted to give him a shot. Bad way for her to put it that he hit items on her checklist, which Johnny calls her out for. She stumbles on her words in trying to tell him how she doesn’t really know how she feels about them. Without Victoria all in on him Johnny doesn’t think there could be a future between them. He tells her that he didn’t care that she went on a date but what pissed him off was the list thing and that she was looking to check off boxes on her list and wasn’t confident in what she had with Johnny. She just says that she’s concerned that Johnny isn’t at the same place in life of wanting to get engaged, married and start a family. Which if we remember was exactly why Johnny went home on The Bachelorette like three months before this when they filmed Gabby and Rachel’s season. 

The new guys come to the beach. First Tyler and Brittany talk and she tells him that she had a conversation with Andrew and that they were both on the same mindset and it was mutual for them to end things. Tyler’s very happy to hear that and tells her that he really sees a good connection there between the two of them. After that, Jessenia pulls Tyler to talk which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but we don’t see how any of that plays out.

Next week, we see how Victoria’s situation with Johnny and Alex works out with the ladies having the roses and we see new relationships continue to develop with more craziness as more and more people come to the beach.

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