Victoria Chooses Johnny While Justin Returns to Paradise

We start this week with Victoria continuing to contemplate if she wanted to continue pursuing things with Johnny or choose Alex, who seems like the perfect fit for what she wants in the future. The women have the roses this week with one guy going home (likely Alex or Johnny). 

At the cocktail party, Jacob and Shanae have a whole weird thing with brushing each others teeth but they both seem to have fun and enjoy spending time together. After a positive interaction between those two we get to Victoria. She starts with a conversation with Alex, having a little wine date together. After she talks to him, then its Johnny’s turn, who’s super upset about the whole situation.

Rose ceremony time for the first time since both groups merged with ten ladies and eleven men so the girls have the roses. First the obvious roses, Serene and Brandon, Danielle and Michael, Eliza and Rodney, Genevieve and Aaron, Jessenia and Andrew, Brittany and Tyler, Kate and Logan. Shanae gives her rose to Jacob. Victoria has the second last remaining rose and she chooses Johnny, giving him her rose. I think thats the right move for her but she probably would’ve been fine either way. Florence, who’s had next to no air time though goes last and gives her rose to Alex, keeping him around another week. That sends Adam home, who made zero connections in Paradise and had zero air time.

The next morning Victoria gets the date card and takes Johnny. They start off hiking in the the mountain woods and get to a spiritual ceremony at this little sauna hut. Their date takes a while for Johnny to open up to her but he and Victoria both tell each other that they’re falling in love with each other.

Back on the beach, Justin returns to Paradise after already leaving this season after nothing panned out with Genevieve. He came back to meet Eliza, who he thinks could be a good match for him. After talking to her and quickly getting her to open up to go on the date with him, he asks her to go on the date and she accepts. She then goes to talk to Rodney, who she already has a pretty solid connection with. Rodney tells her that he dean’t want her to go on the date but that he thinks that could give them both clarity on it, so he can’t really stop her. Kind of an immature way for her to put this. Just go on the date rather than sitting there trying to get Rodney to fight for her. Their date goes pretty well and they connect on what they want in a relationship. They finish their date making out under fireworks and have a definite spark.

Along with Rodney being upset about the whole situation, Justin’s return did start quite a bit of drama between Genevieve and Aaron but I thought that was a whole load of nothing.

The drama all continues tomorrow night!

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