More relationships are tested as Paradise nears its end

Last week on Bachelor in Paradise, Eliza, who’s a child, made the right choice and gave her rose to Rodney but then second guessed her decision and left to pursue Justin. Her leaving Rodney shocked the beach and now we see her and Justin’s reunion after she flies to him to give it another try. 

Justin’s shocked to see her when Eliza knocks on his door. She tells him that she made the wrong choice and that she broke things off with Rodney the next morning to try finding Justin. He uses her own words and tells her that he deserves someone who chooses him without hesitation and that shit hurts that she did the exact opposite of that choosing Rodney. Can’t blame the guy. Plus I mean, this wasn’t gonna work out anyway. Eliza showed to be way too immature in how she handled everything on Paradise with both Justin and Rodney, so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s ending up with neither of them. 

Back at the beach, Mara from Clayton’s season (who I was not a fan of) joins Paradise. She gets to the beach all bubbly and everyone there is miserable. Kind of gotta feel bad for her with everyone’s vibes. She asks Justin the twin to go on the date and he does. For their date, they start out making each other into “human churros”. 

After the rose ceremony last week where Kate gave Logan the ultimatum that he has to step it up, he finally talks to her about that shady move on her part. I mean this girl’s kind of a bitch and obviously these two aren’t compatible. 

Flo is super annoyed the next day after Justin comes back from his date with Mara and he doesn’t even say hello to her. But I mean, the kid is 24. He’s a baby. No way this is gonna work out with either. So can’t really blame him. As she starts to pack to leave, Justin finally goes to talk to her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be an option. He tells her that he had a good time with Mara but would rather pursue a connection with Flo than with Mara. After that conversation, Justin goes to Mara and lets her know that he has a stronger connection to Flo. 

Then next girl to come down to the beach is Ency, also from Clayton’s season. Don’t remember this girl at all. She comes down looking for Andrew, who’s already into her a bit. She asks her on the date and he accepts. The other girl that comes down to the beach at the same time is Lyndsey from Clayton’s season. She asks Logan to go on the date and before he gives an answer, him and Kate go talk. Kate says that she’s confused that he’s even entertaining going on the date after their discussion the previous night. Honestly, he should just go since she’s being such a bitch to him and he even says that it seems like she looks down to him. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to go. Kate seems insufferable. After that, Lyndsey and Logan go talk and he tells her that he can’t go. There’s no one else to go on the date with her so Lyndsey just goes home. Short stay in Paradise for that poor girl. 

Andrew and Ency really hit it off on their date and when he returns, he goes to talk to Jessenia. He apologizes to her and says that she’s deserves more than he’s given her. It is what it is. Just wasn’t a strong connection between Jessenia and Andrew to begin with. 

Coming to visit Paradise are former Bachelorettes (who are both now single but not at the time of filming) Rachel and Gabby. Their dirt gets spilled tomorrow night (or tonight as I post this blog this morning). 

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