Two Couples Remain on the Beach After Part 1 of the Bachelor in Paradise Finale

After this very long, yet very entertaining season we’re finally at the end of this season of Bachelor in Paradise with this week’s two night finale. So fucking pumped to watch last night’s episode. 

After a long ass recap of the season from Wells, Mara decides to leave before the rose ceremony when she obviously doesn’t have any connections in Paradise. With eight guys and eight girls now, these roses mean relationships, not just roses. Before that rose ceremony begins, the cocktail party is cancelled. So it’s right to the roses. The guys have the rose. Michael begins, giving Danielle his rose. Next, the biggest love story of Paradise, Brandon gives his rose to Serene. Then Johnny to Victoria, the biggest romantic surprise of Paradise. Tyler gives his rose to Brittany. As the music changes, we get the slightly more unstable couples. Aaron gives Genevieve his rose which she gladly accepts after a heartfelt set of words from Aaron. Now the couples that likely don’t make it. The twins go next. Justin gives Flo his rose and she accepts then Shanae gladly accepts Joey’s rose. With the final rose, Logan asks Kate to accept his rose. She tells him that she knows what she want and that Logan isn’t it. She rejects his rose and sends herself home, also sending Logan home. We kind of knew that was coming. I can’t blame her but to be fair to Logan, Kate was a complete bitch to Logan their entire relationship. She led him on for weeks and it just was never the right fit. 

The next morning, Jesse pulls everyone and lets them know that Paradise is over. No more arrivals and fantasy suites coming up. 

The first couple that we see discuss their future are Brandon and Serene. I love these two. I think they’re absolutely the perfect couple and I can see these two lasting forever. Cue the romantic music, these two are incredible together. 

Next up, Tyler and Brittany. She’s still a little bit unsure hoping for him to tell her the three magical words of “I love you” and he tells her just that. Cue the music again. She tells him the same. They decide that they’re not ready to get engaged but they leave Paradise happily together.

Joey and Shanae go talk and she immediately starts crying. Of course she isn’t at the same point in life that he is. Like they’re definitely not in the same spot looking for their future that it’s going to work anyway. Can’t really blame her, 24 to 30 is a huge age difference. She might not have handled it great but also gotta feel bad for her a bit. Flo and Justin also break up but it’s a lot cleaner of a split, both knowing there’s no future for them beyond Paradise. 

Victoria and Johnny are the biggest surprise to me of this season of Paradise. They both tell each other that they love each other. And it’s the cutest fucking surprise. I’m glad they somehow found each other and see a future together. And I hope it all works out for them outside of this. 

Now the rockiest couple of Paradise, Genevieve and Aaron. Aaron tells her that he’s conflicted because he’s dedicated his entire time in Paradise to her, fell in love with her but is concerned that every time anything gets rocky with them she wants to leave. He also points out that this is probably the easiest it’s ever gonna get. He tells her that for that reason he doesn’t think that he can continue his relationship with her outside of this. That’s not really a surprise to me, since I pretty much anticipated their breakup the entire season. No shot in fucking hell this was  gonna work. Also awkward as fuck though that she didn’t even say a word to him. Before she leave Paradise though she goes back to talk to him again and speak her mind. She calls Aaron out for trying to put it all on her for why they failed. Like clearly they don’t fucking work. So what’s the point? They air it out and both leave the beach. 

Danielle and Michael go talk about their future and their potential outside of Paradise. They have a very emotional discussion and they decide to leave together.

Only two couples remain on the beach, Serene and Brandon and Johnny and Victoria. The four of them go for a beautiful fancy dinner to commemorate their time in Paradise. I really think that Brandon and Serene have to be the most perfect couple to come out of this beach. These shows focus on the drama and the comedy behind it but on the rare occasions that there’s a couple that really seem like a perfect match, thats the best  part of these.

Next up, fantasy suites. Johnny tells Victoria that he’s his own worst critic and that he never felt worthy. She reassures him of it and they both tell each other that they’ve never felt the way they do about each other. They discuss an engagement and how important it is. He pretty much tells her that he doesn’t know if he’s ready yet. They go to the fantasy suites to talk it through and make sure they’re on the same page.

Tonight, we continue with the dramatic season finale of this fantastic season to find out what happens with these two remaining couples and the reunion of the entire cast. Can’t wait!

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