Brandon and Serene are the greatest couple in Paradise history as this season of Bachelor in Paradise comes to an end.

Tonight we’ve arrived at the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Two couples remain in Paradise, Victoria and Johnny and Brandon and Serene. Last night they had their fantasy suites. Will they get engaged? Will they get married? Will they not be able to make it? We find out tonight along with the reunion of the entire cast from this long, yet very entertaining season. Beer’s poured, let’s go!

First up, we’re in the studio for the reunion with the first subject of discussion being Logan. Shanae still isn’t happy with how when they had split week, he so quickly jumped to pursue Kate. Which brings us to Kate, who without telling Logan directly trashed him on camera. She does a half ass apology without actually apologizing for the shit she said and he even calls her out that theres cameras everywhere and they’re all mic’d up. 

Next up is Jill and Jacob. He goes up to her and says that he’d be open to a relationship with her if she is since he did have his regrets for how they ended and that he wants to try pursuing something with her again. Cute. 

The love triangle of Eliza, Rodney and Justin was the most emotional one of the season so of course that has to be addressed on the reunion. Eliza says that she still has feelings for Rodney and apologizes for some of her actions in trying to pursue both him and Justin. She says that she thinks she made a mistake…which she also said when she gave Rodney the rose instead of Justin. Like she’s still a child that clearly doesn’t know what she wants. Rodney wishes her nothing but the best.

Now the most toxic couple, Genevieve and Aaron. The first person on the hot seat tonight, Genevieve. She says the way their relationship went was frustrating with how challenging it was and how it ended up. Aaron joins her and echos that it was tough to watch. Genevieve tells Aaron that she didn’t handle things well but that her reactions did come from how he handled things as well and she apologizes for her part in that and how she handled the tough times. Aaron apologizes for his side of things as well.

Tyler’s next up on the hot seat to explain how his relationship with Brittany went after they left Paradise together. He says its clear that they’re not together and that its tough. He said that on the day that Brittany FaceTimed him and broke up with him after Paradise was the same day that his hometown date where Rachel dumped him on The Bachelorette aired. Rough day for this kid. Brittany joins him on the hot seat. She says that she wasn’t confident in it happening. She said that she asked him for a break and that he was too much quickly. Clearly a total lack of communication that lead to them failing. 

Michael’s time on Paradise and his relationship with Danielle is the next topic of conversion with the two of them on the hot seat since leaving the beach together. They both say that everything keeps getting better with the two of them since leaving Paradise. Michael apologizes to Sierra for not giving her the closure that she needed when the two of them broke up prior to Danielle coming to the beach. Danielle says that she’s moving to Akron with Michael and that she’s met Michael’s son and Michael says that she’s been remarkable with him. Good for them. For the first time, Michael tells Danielle that he’s only said I love you to one person but that he loves her. Adorable moment. I hope they work out.

Now with the reunion portion of the show over with, it’s back to the beach to see the end of the last two couples and how their journeys end after their rose ceremonies. First off, Johnny and Victoria. Johnny goes to see Neil Lane to talk about a proposal and picking a ring. Neil asks Johnny if he’s ready for an engagement. He tells Neil that coming there he was actually against it but the more he got to know Victoria that now he feels like he has to propose with the point that they’re at now. Neil Lane’s quick to point out that he doesn’t HAVE to but Johnny clarifies that he wants to. He picks out a ring, still seemingly a bit hesitant. Victoria walks down to the beach for the final rose ceremony with Johnny. After they each profess their love for each other and how surprised they both are that they found each other in Paradise and feel the way they do about each other, Johnny proposes to Victoria and they get engaged.

Back in the studio to address social media rumors that I actually had no idea on. Apparently I stayed off Instagram, Twitter and all the rumor mill to avoid that, but great way to spoil things by these producers, just like they spoiled how Johnny and Gabby’s relationship on The Bachelorette would end by the fact that he was on Paradise trailers before they even broke up. Same shit again. Johnny says that since their engagement on the beach that they’ve since broken up. They were a cute Paradise story but we knew that there was no way these two were going to work long term outside of the bubble of that beach where they set you up for the most romantic situation to think a relationship that likely doesn’t work in the real world possibly could. After a commercial break, Victoria joins them on stage to address their relationship and her apparently now dating Greg, one of the finalists from Katie’s season of The Bachelorette. It’s super awkward in their reunion. The first thing that Jesse asks Victoria is what went wrong with their relationship. She says that three weeks after leaving Paradise, she broke things off with him because she wasn’t happy together and they had too many issues. When Jesse asks Johnny to confirm that, he says he thinks that it fits her narratives but that he thought they agreed to work on their relationship and try fixing their issues. Johnny brings up the rumors that Victoria had cheated on him and started dating Greg. She calls him out for lines that he said in fights that they had and that she moved on. She also denies that she cheated on him with Greg. They both get very emotional in their on stage arguments. After that, Jesse asks Victoria if she’s dating Greg which she confirms and then says that she absolutely did not cheat on Johnny with Greg. Johnny leaves the stage and Victoria remains to keep talking. Additionally, Greg’s here as well, who was a favorite on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette until close to the very end. With Greg on the hot seat, him and Victoria say that knowing that they couldn’t go out in Nashville or NYC with the show still yet to air, they went to Rome to see if they would be a fit. Mixed into that we see Tyler talking to Johnny outside about how terrible Victoria spun that whole thing when Johnny was on the hot seat. Victoria makes a very solid point that whatever everyone else thinks doesn’t matter. 

Now the happy love story, the end of Brandon and Serene’s journey in Paradise. Back to the beach again. I think Brandon and Serene have been the perfect couple on this show that we’ve ever seen. I’m so thrilled to see my favorite guy from Michelle’s season and my favorite girl from Clayton’s season find such a magical connection and fall in love on this show. These shows focus so much on the drama and the bullshit and its such a great breath of fresh air when these shows go back to the original love that Bachelor Nation was built on way before all the social media influencer deals and the Instagram followers. And this couple exemplifies that. Brandon proposes and Serene of course accepts. To throw another twist into it, Jesse walks down to the final rose platform to congratulate Serene and Brandon and offers them to get married right there on that stage for the first time in Paradise history. Before we find out the answer to that question its back to the studio again with Brandon and Serene on the hot seat, looking so happy together. They’re still thrilled to be together and say that they did not get married on that beach and they wanted to wait for their families to be there. I really hope they end up lasting forever.

Two months off and on January 23rd, Zach’s journey to find love as the next Bachelor begins.

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