NHL Daily Gambling Preview – 12/13/22

I loved yesterday’s slate but it flopped again for me, going 1-5 to lose 2.82 units. I keep bleeding away units this season and the results I’m getting are quite out of the ordinary for the NHL right now. I need a day off betting myself and instead of my full breakdowns on today eleven game slates, I’m just going to go with my leans on each game and evaluate all of these games.

Sabres vs. Kings (7:00)

I like my Sabres to win here tonight but not enough that it would have been a bet for me. I do like the over though a lot with both teams scoring really well but struggling defensively and the alternate over 6.5 would be an official lean for me (I wouldn’t bet the 7).

Bruins vs. Islanders (7:00)

I’d expect a Bruins win here. Bruins in regulation would be my official lean, probably heavier than my other bets. I’d slightly lean the under but it wouldn’t be enough for me to bet.

Red Wings vs. Hurricanes (7:00)

Carolina should get a win on the road here today. My official lean would be the Canes ML which is a bit cheaper of a price than I had expected.

Panthers vs. Blue Jackets (7:00)

The Panthers should win this game likely pretty easily. The price on this game is way too expensive though. I do like the over though and that would be my official lean here.

Devils vs. Stars (7:00)

Last night the Devils blew an early 3-1 lead to the Rangers, losing in overtime. This is a fantastic matchup tonight and I’d take the Devils to bounce back with a win as my official lean.

Lightning vs. Kraken (7:00)

This should be a fun game between two solid teams this season. I’d still give the Bolts an edge here but not quite enough to bet on it at the -195 price. I’d lean the over as well but not enough for me to want to bet it. This would be a game that I would just lay off.

Maple Leafs vs. Ducks (7:00)

The Leafs are a wagon and the Ducks are the worst team in the NHL. The Leafs should dominate at home here. No game in the NHL though with a -560 price is ever worth betting on though and I don’t even see any value in the regulation line or puck lines. I’d stay off this game entirely. If anything, I’d go with the alternate Leafs TT over 4 but no chance I would bet this game.

Jets vs. Golden Knights (8:00)

This is an incredible game between two teams that right now I would pick to meet in the Western Conference Finals. The Golden Knights won both previous matchups between these teams this season and I’d sort of lean the Jets prevent the sweep at home but from a betting perspective, the sides and the totals on this game are coin flips. I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch this one though. Best game on the slate by far. 

Blackhawks vs. Capitals (8:00)

The Blackhawks are one of the worst teams in the NHL. They’re horrible on both ends of the ice. The Caps haven’t had a great season this year but I’d mainly attribute injuries to that and they’ve played much better as of late, coming into tonight on a four game win streak. I don’t quite trust the Capitals enough to lay the -220 on the money line but my official lean here that I would take is the Caps in regulation.

Avalanche vs. Flyers (9:00)

The Flyers are horrendous this season. A month ago this would be a no brainer bet for me on the Avs in regulation but with all the injuries that they’ve had as of late, this is a game that I would stay off. Plus the Flyers already beat the Cup champs They should still win tonight but at -220, this isn’t a bet I’d take. I’d lean the under as well but not enough to bet it. This is a game I’d completely stay off. 

Sharks vs. Coyotes (10:30)

Both of these teams suck. This isn’t a great matchup but it could actually be a pretty fun game. Neither of these teams are good statistically on either end of the ice. I feel like the Sharks are definitely the better team but the Coyotes, who have won their last two games in a row now, stick in games and play competitive hockey despite losing. I’d slightly lean the Yotes and the under here but no way I would bet on either.

“Official” Leans

Since I’m not betting on any games tonight, here’s my list of what I would be betting if I was:

Kings/Sabres over 6.5 (-141)

Bruins in regulation (-150)

Hurricanes ML (-162)

Panthers/Blue Jackets over 6.5 (-134)

Devils ML (-159)

Capitals in regulation (-130)

Game Bets

None today. Will evaluate all my leans and refine my process before making more bets.


1u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1000)

1.5u Boston Bruins – Stanley Cup Champions (+1100)

2u Vegas Golden Knights – Stanley Cup Champions (+1200)

1.5u Carolina Hurricanes – Stanley Cup Champions (+1300)

1u New Jersey Devils – Stanley Cup Champions (+1600)

Record: 192-181-2 (-32.22 units)

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