The first dates of Zach’s season of The Bachelor kick off the season

Last week Zach’s season of the Bachelor began as we met his women. Tonight we get the first real week with the first dates of the season and the drama beginning. This week there will be two group dates and a one-on-one.

First, we have the first group date of the season. Hosted by Latto (who I’ve never heard of), they do a “bad bitch energy” date with the girls trying to show their confidence. They start with dancing. Joining the date are Victoria Fuller, Tahzjuan, and Courtney from previous seasons of The Bachelor to help judge the contest. The ladies take their turns walking down the runway for Zach and showing their confidence and “bad bitch energy”. For the final part of the date, the girls have to tell Zach in front of everyone when in their life they were a “bad bitch”. Kind of a boring date but decent enough to kick off the season. At the end of that though in the confessional, we get a little fun twist from Tahzjuan that she would come join Zach’s season if he asked her. So obviously the producers are gonna set up her return. I don’t hate that, she was entertaining on Paradise, twice. At the afterparty, which is pretty boring, Tahzjuan shows up to see if there’s anything with Zach. He tells her that he’s gonna have to think about it. All of the girls on the date go confront Tahzjuan and she kind of shits all over how they did on the date and makes herself an instant villian. After that awkward confrentation, Zach pulls Tahzjuan away and he decides to send her home. Zach gives the group date rose to Katherine.

Christina Mandrell, who has a very cute southern charm, has the first one-on-one date of the season. She has a big thing to tell him, that she’s a mom and the one-on-one is the perfect spot to do so. They start their date with a romantic sightseeing helicopter ride. Next, Zach takes her to his childhood home to meet his whole family at a BBQ for his mom’s birthday. At dinner that night, Christina tells Zach that she has a daughter. Zach says that its scary but he genuinely says that its something that he really has to think about. But she does do a great job of talking to it and she does seem very much so there for the right reasons. He is absolutely hesitant though that he doesn’t know if he’s ready for it. Zach’s very overwhelmed by it but he wants to get to know her better and keep taking time where this could go. He gives her the rose to keep exploring it. I like this girl so far! And she’s gorgeous!! 

There’s no activity for the second group date and those ladies and Zach just do pretty much a cocktail party with him spending time with each of the girls. The only real notable conversation I thought was with Jess, with Zach opening up to her about something he had never said out load. Which is huge. Front runner on this date before. She obviously gets the group date rose.

At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Brianna is very insecure since she got America’s Rose prior to night one at the finale of The Bachelorette and still hasn’t gotten a rose from Zach. She makes a big deal to herself about a throwaway joke comment that Christina had on night one about her dress of roses. Complete nothing comment that because she got a one-on-one and Brianna hasn’t even gotten a rose from Zach, she decides to make a big deal out of. Just screams insecurity. She goes to talk directly to Christina about it. Christina apologizes and says that it wasn’t with any malicious intent, and does the perfect like PC apology. Brianna’s still super insecure and nuts about it though. She then goes to then go to talk to Zach and decides to not tell him while going around it. Zach tells her that it seems like she has a lot of walls up and its just an awkward conversation. I hope she goes home just from this nothing drama.

Rose ceremony time. With the final rose of the night, “Brianna, will you accept this rose?”. That sort of surprised me a bit. With that, he sends Cat and another two girls I don’t remember seeing at all home.

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