Zach sends home more drama this week on The Bachelor

Last week on The Bachelor, Zach sent Christina home in the midst of a bunch of drama, mainly for no real reason and Brianna, who started the drama sent herself home. Tonight the journey continues with more unnecessary drama. Zach and his remaining ladies head to the Bahamas this week.

Kat gets the first one on one date of the week. As soon as they read the date card, Greer, who got the first impression rose starts crying. They go on a boat date and then go snorkeling to see underwater statues. At dinner she opens up about the differences between their upbringings since she had a bad relationship with her mom. Their conversation goes great and Zach gives Kat the rose.

On the group date, Zach and the ladies have a low key date on the beach but drama comes out of no where, again for no reason with Kylee and Anastasia. Much a do about absolutely nothing. At the after party, Kylee tells Zach about the issue and also says that Anastasia is constantly talking about all the Instagram followers that she’s gonna get from the show. No shit, that’s what this whole franchise has become now…but anyway, still can’t say it…not here for the right reasons. After talking to Charity about it as well, Zach goes to talk to Anastasia about it. She of course denies it. Zach gives the group date rose to Ariel.

Brooklyn gets the second one on one this week. Zach and Brooklyn start their date off going ATVing. Their date goes great. At dinner that night, she tells Zach that she was in an abusive relationship for a long time. He’s very good with consoling her and gives her the rose.

Before the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony, Zach pulls Anastasia to go talk and then sends her home. Good move, get rid of the drama, especially when there isn’t a real connection there anyway.

Rose ceremony time and with the final rose of the night, Zach gives it to Kylee, keeping her around after the start of this week’s drama. That sends Genevie, who was barely on screen this season, and Davia, who couldn’t start any real connection with Zach, home.

Next week, Zach and his remaining ladies head to London.

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