First virtual cocktail party and rose ceremony on The Bachelor was so cringeworthy

Zach and his ladies are in London for this week’s episode of The Bachelor. 

Gabi gets the first one on one date of the week. They start their date with a perfume place where the royal family get their stuff made. Then they do a fun little activity where they create their own fragrance. They do a handful of other royal family themed things and seem to enjoy their time with each other. The best part of the date, a bunch of corgis come in to play with them. Gabi gets back to the house and shows off all the fancy shit she got on the shopping spree part of the date. Greer gets all jealous and just storms off cause she didn’t get the date. I’m sure all the rest of the girls are the same way, get over it. Part of the format of this show. You know what you’re getting into when you sign up. Dinner goes great for them and Zach gives Gabi the rose. I feel like she could go far in this season and their connection seems genuine. They get a private UB40 concert afterwards.

Before the group date, Zach sends the ladies a letter that he’s sick and won’t be joining them for the date. The girls go on a double decker bus tour and to make matter worse, it starts raining while they’re up on the bus. They do make the most of the rest of the day though after they get over that Zach isn’t joining them and they have fun throughout the city. The ladies get another card from Zach before the cocktail party and he says he’s still not feeling well and can’t join them. 

Charity gets the second one on one of the week, but before the date, Jesse comes to let the ladies that he tested positive for covid. Which the shocking part of that is that ABC is still making people test for that bullshit. He has a cold. Get the fuck over the covid nonsense. Off my soapbox (that I’ve been 100% correct about by the way), back to the show. Sucks for Charity that her one on one date gets cancelled. After that announcement, Kaity goes to talk to Zach through the door of his room and leaves him a little gift basket of London themed stuff. She has to be the front runner of all the ladies remaining. It’s honestly an adorable conversation that they have without being able to see each other.

Jesse goes to see the girls again and sets up a virtual cocktail party with Zach FaceTiming them all individually. Whole lot of nothing on most of those video calls that felt repetative and didn’t really give us anything. Kind of cringe to be honest. Greer goes though and then compares getting covid in her job in sales to him getting it and having to miss a week as the lead on THE BACHELOR. Zach gets pissed and even straight up calls her out on that its totally different than the end of a quarter on her job, so obviously she’s gone during the virtual rose ceremony later. After her meltdown over Gabi’s one on one and this, thankfully she’s more than likely gone. See ya.

Onto the virtual rose ceremony, for the first time in Bachelor Nation history. Kaity obviously gets the first rose. Next is Charity. Greer annoyingly gets the final rose of the night, which sends Kylee and Mercedes, who freaked out about not getting the one on one date that never happened, both home.

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