Wild move from Kat on an otherwise boring episode of The Bachelor tonight

Last’s week’s episode of The Bachelor that consisted of virtual dates because ABC is still participating in the covid theatre was boring as fuck. Thankfully we’re back to normal this week as Zach and his ladies head to Estonia. I have no clue where that is but as Brooklyn says, it’s a beautiful place that reminds me of the movie Frozen.

The first one on one date deservingly goes to Charity, who was supposed to go on the date last week, which got canceled last week. Prior to going on the date, Kat pulled Zach away to talk quickly with him herself. They have a very short conversation and she kisses him goodbye. What a move. The girls are pretty observant though and after Zach and Charity leave, the other girls call Kat out on that move. It becomes a whole dramatic thing on the date.

Onto the date, they start with a carriage ride and explore the city, experiencing the culture of Estonia. At dinner, Charity tells Zach that her previous relationship was emotionally abusive for her and that she wasn’t seen and got cheated on. They connect and Zach gives her the rose.

For the group date, Zach and all the girls go to an Estonian “healing witch”. Always one of these fucking weird dates every season. The entire time, Jess drives herself insane over being the only one without a one on one, which continues to the after party. When Zach spends some time talking to her individually, she tells him that she was waiting for a one on one to open up more and that she’s really in her own head. She keeps fixating on the one on one over and over and over until Zach asks her why its such a big deal. He tells her that he’s not that confident in their relationship, which obviously she isn’t either and she goes home. After that, Zach comes back to the other girls on the date, pretty shaken up tells them that he isn’t handing out a rose tonight.

Ariel gets the second one on one of the week and they go to an Estonian spa which includes a sauna that they’re joined in by an old naked couple. Their date goes really well and Zach gives her the rose. They clearly have a very good connection and both seem very secure in their relationship.

At the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Charity pulls Kat aside to discuss the events prior to Charity’s one on one date. Brooklyn decides to come butt into the conversation and storms out of the room. Although it wasn’t a good move by Kat, it isn’t any of Brooklyn’s business to get involved. Mind your own fucking business and don’t get involved in drama that doesn’t involve you.

Onto the rose ceremony. Gabi gets the first rose, followed by Kaity, both obvious choices. Brooklyn gets the next rose, leaving Kat and Aly remaining with the final rose of the evening.

Kat, will you accept this rose?

Not a huge surprise, but that does mean that the drama continues on to next week as Zach and his ladies head to Budapest for the journey to continue.

Pretty boring episode, just as the rest of this season has been.

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