I Hate the NBA but Watching the Warriors Lose Tonight Was Great

I was up late for no reason and all caught up doing some house work tonight. After the night’s hockey games ended and shockingly, I decide to throw on the end of a ridiculously high scoring Golden State Warriors vs. LA Clippers game. And boy, am I glad I did.

Of course the cheat code Warriors (who ruined the NBA) are leading by like 31 halfway through the 3rd quarter. They’ll coast to an easy victory of course. Sick league… But there’s nothing else on so I just leave it on in the background. 

After a miraculous comeback in the 4th quarter, where the Warriors still had a 20 point lead at one point, the Clippers go on a solid 10-3 run in the around the last 2 minutes to get it real close. TNT just keeps showing Steve Ballmer going nuts, but everyone, myself included still expects the Warriors to pull out a win. 

The biggest snake/baby back bitch there is in all of sports (Kevin Durant) fouled out late in the game after he was balling. 15.9 seconds left and down 1, Landry Shamet, who I had previously never heard of, knocks down at clutch 3 to give a 1 point lead for the Clips. Clippers first lead of the game. Steph misses what would have been a game winning 3, some good defense forces the Warriors to foul the Clippers as time’s expiring and that’s it.

135-131 Clippers win at Oracle Arena in game 2 to tie up the first round series that they were ridiculous like +20000 dogs in. I hate the NBA but watching the Warriors blow the biggest lead in NBA postseason history and lose is fucking great.

Of course, Golden State’s probably going to still go on to win this series and likely their 4th title in the last 5 years (sick league), but tonight’s game was some great entertainment to watch and I’m glad I tuned in.

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