Jeopardy James Lost Tonight in Totally Rigged Fashion

I was never a big fan of Jeopardy. It was kind of boring to me and it made me feel dumb since I couldn’t answer most of the questions. Meanwhile, when I was growing up my grandma watched it every day and my brother would sit there keeping score for himself and usually beat the people on the show. That nerd. But this run that James Holzhauer just went on got me hooked on the show again and like the rest of America, I was captivated by the way this guy played the game every day. It almost became must watch TV (perfect pre-game before sports started each night). James made Jeopardy fun with his background as a Professional Sports Gambler (has to be the best job in the world) and how he played the game like he was gambling on sports. Every degenerate knows it’s not real money until you gotta pay the bookie, and James bet on every Daily Double and Final Jeopardy round this way. Allowing him to build up huge winnings way faster than Ken Jennings did. The way James started at the bottom of the board searching for the Daily Doubles and building up a huge bankroll early changed the way the game got played and it was fascinating to watch every night. The more the run went on and the more info came out on James, the cooler it got. He learned all this info from reading children’s’ books at the library. How cool is that!? 

Tonight, Jeopardy James was about to pass Ken Jennings as the greatest player in the shows history. Only needed less than $60k in winnings to surpass Ken’s record. Everyone that’s been tuning in for this run knew it had to keep going tonight. 

This morning on Twitter, a leak came out showing that James lost. What a fucking disappointing spoiler. I refused to watch it all day thinking it could be fake and made sure to tune in live but something seemed up for sure as soon as the episode started. Emma Boettcher, a librarian on the show today who wrote a thesis on Jeopardy started cruising through questions early the same way that James did, starting on the bottom of the board, going big with true Daily Doubles and competing with him every question.  It was happening, James was actually gonna lose tonight.

By the time Final Jeopardy came around, James was down a bit to this girl Emma but not by much. Close game. All three players get the final question right but the most wild part of the ending to James’ run was that he bet so little on Final Jeopardy. Put all the chips in the middle, go all in. But no, James only bet a very small amount. How boring. Almost seemed rigged. 

This run that James Holzhauer went on was so much fun to watch and it sucks that it ended tonight. And it blows even more that it got fucking leaked to take the fun out of watching the end. To have this game show almost become like watching sports, rooting for this guy every weeknight changing the old “boring” game of Jeopardy and playing it different than anyone before him was fantastic. 

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