These Guys Are So Annoying

It’s time to leave the mansion this week on the Bachelorette as the guys and Hannah head to Newport, RI. Nice little rich people town. 

“Jed, meet me in Boston” and Hannah’s off to her first one on one date of the week. Let’s see how this goes. Hannah makes sure to remind us how dumb she is with her account of the Boston Tea Party before it even starts, but exploring the city is a cute date idea. I love Boston. Nothing really notable other than an advertisement for shitty Halo Top ice cream. Until Hannah takes Jed to ball with Jalen Brown and Scary Terry at the Celtics training facility, which seemed awesome. Then at dinner at night, Jed admits what everyone thought that he came into the show planning to use it as a platform to kick off his music career but then claims that now that he’s getting to know Hannah, that’s more important to him. His honestly came off as very mature to me and it does actually seem genuine. I think it could work out with these two. I hope Jed at least goes far in the show now.

For the group date, the guys go play a game of rugby. Bet half these hardos love it and all the dweebs are gonna get crushed. Either way, let’s see some of these clowns get into inevitable fights. Biggest hardo by far, Luke P decides to tackle Luke S., which obviously starts drama in the house since everyone else hates him. Hannah sits down and talks to Luke P. first and then Luke S. who both just whine to her about the other.  ESPECIALLY Luke P. This kid is such an immature, annoying fuck. Can’t be gone sooner. Next the rest of the guys whine about him. I can’t stand Luke S. too. And Garrett. And Mike. So annoying.  

Peter is a great match for Hannah and she really likes him.  He has to be one of the front runners of the show. In my opinion, he’s the best match so far for Hannah. Garrett gets the group date rose, but I just think he’s playing the game right. 

The next day, Hannah’s crying about Luke P. who she claims she has feelings for but doesn’t know if she’s right or wrong. First off, dramatic much. Second, you’re wrong. Send him home. Even you aren’t that dumb.

The second one on one of the week is with Tyler C. who last week became a front runner since he’s equally as dumb as Hannah. Fun date idea going to pick up lobster traps. Nothing really interesting happens on this date, but I think they genuinely both like each other a lot. I could see them end up together. The producers nail music on this show and this week it’s Jake Owen singing Made for You. Great choice of a good romantic song and this time it wasn’t from some unknown indie artist (although those are usually quite good too).

Mike and Luke P. get into a fight at the end of the episode which includes a clip of Luke P. showing the definition of psychopath on his broken iPhone. Of course the screen is broken. No surprise. I really hope both these guys get sent home tonight. Along with Luke S. who joins in on the fighting again about Luke P. tackling him. Whiny loser. More and more drama with all these annoying fucks. Can’t wait till they’re all gone. Quick. 

We have to wait till next week for the rose ceremony and it looks like it’s gonna be a great episode.

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