Men Tell All of the Worst Season Ever

Men Tell All tonight, let’s see how this shit goes.

Previously on The Bachelorette, Luke. OF COURSE, cause this entire season was wasted on this clown. 

Back in the studio and Chris Harrison gets right to the point, this “will be a VERY different version of the Men Tell All”. Obviously, since the producers decided to turn this entire season into Luke’s season of The Bachelorette, which made it the worst season ever. 

Back to Greece, we have the final rose ceremony between Peter, Tyler and Jed. Hopefully Jed’s gone here since he’s by far the worst of the three. Hannah finally admits that she see’s that Luke is the WORST. But after she says this, the asshole is back like an absolute creep show going back to talk to Hannah again. With a fucking ring. Get the fuck outttaaa here with that shit. Luke comes walking into the rose ceremony as Hannah’s out talking to Chris. Hannah finally lets go and just rips on him for being a piece of shit. This kid still doesn’t leave like an insane psychopath. It gets even more shocking every night this shit goes on with this kid. The whole season. Entirely that. “What the fuck” Yeah, we’ve been saying that all year. “I hate that guy”. THANK YOU Hannah!

Chris tells Hannah after Luke leaves that “he had a ring in his pocket, he was ready to propose to you”. Hannah as she should, looks at Chris with these crazy confused eyes that are totally valid thinking that this can’t be real.

Next week, we’ll see what Hannah’s decision between the three remaining guys but for now,  

it’s time to continue The Men Tell All. First up, obviously Luke. Not Hannah. Luke. 

I’m so bored watching Chris interview Luke with his same old obsessive insanity. What a block head. “If I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing” Come on.

All the guys come out to talk to Luke. Ding ding ding. Mike tells Luke that his “future wife is going to be a prisoner of you”. Although true, pretty harsh words to say to anyone, which really goes to show how much of a bag of shit Luke was. Garrett says “this is not about Luke P, this is about Hannah”. I’ve also been saying that the entire season. 

John Paul Jones is the first of the normal guys on the hot seat. Clearly just to hype him up for Paradise. He’ll be fun to watch. 

Mike’s the next one on the hot seat before his shot in Paradise. He does seem like he did genuinely have a good connection with Hannah and was in it for the right reasons, even though I didn’t really like him. I could see the producers considering making him the next Bachelor, although he wouldn’t be my first choice to watch.

Finally, an hour and a half into this, Hannah takes a seat with Chris. Hannah admits to being very insecure about being the bachelorette. Interesting, and it actually kind of explains a lot. 

This episode sucked just as bad as the rest of this season. 

Hannah finishes off the episode with a pretty funny apology to Bachelor Nation for dragging us through the Luke P show for an entire season and that he won’t be back. Hopefully ever

Bachelor in Paradise looks like it’s going to be FANTASTIC!! After this garbage season of The Bachelorette, I can’t wait for this! 

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