What Nerve It Takes To Send a Book for Donations to a College

I’ve never been a big advocate for college in general. In fact, I think its a fucking waste of time so that they could just force kids into a ton of debt and try to push their liberal bullshit onto their young minds while they learn nothing with the excuse that you need it to get a decent job. But thats the system, so you pretty much gotta go to college. It’s the standard path of life after high school. I did it twice. First, for my Bachelors degree and then stupidly got convinced to go back for my Masters when my current employer paid for it. So at least I didn’t have to pay for that second complete waste of my time. But a year and a half later, that Masters degree hasn’t done shit for me. I’ve made more money betting on The Masters than my Masters degree has helped me with. But anyway, me bitching about what a joke college is wasn’t the point of this blog.

Obviously, after you graduate college and those institutions leave a majority of their former students with a useless piece of paper and a fuck ton of debt. But then, what else does that school have left to do but have to mail you bullshit all the time to try to get you to donate back to them to get even more of your hard earned money for no reason. Typically, its a stupid letter in the mail or a quick magazine or pamphlet. Those get immediately thrown out by me.

But this I’ve never seen. Today, Canisius College, the school where I completed my Masters, decided to send me and the rest of their alumni (I confirmed with a few others that I wasn’t the only one) a fucking BOOK to my door. A 150 page full color, glossy paged, full sized coffee table book with the raised text and everything on the cover and spine going over the history of the school. And this is a big college. I can’t even imagine how many copies of this garbage they printed and sent out (packaged in its only little bag) and how much of a ridiculous waste of money that could be for an item that I’m sure a large majority of former students will throw directly into the trash, just like I did. 

Obviously, hidden inside this book that weighs like a pound, was a little donation envelope that fell out. Nothing like asking your broke former students for money while at the same time showing them how much money you have to waste on fucking books to send out to all of them for no reason. Like “hey, we just blew half a million dollars to send you these books that you’re just gonna throw out but please donate to the place that put you in debt $100k”. Fuck off Canisius, like what nerve that takes. I will never, ever, ever donate money back to a school and a concept that’s so fucked for society. This isn’t about education, its about stealing money from kids. Bastards.

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