Get Rid of the Drama

I’m currently on vacation but that’s not gonna stop me from this week’s extra episode of The Bachelor. That’s what laptop’s are for. This week the group heads to Chili with only ten girls remaining.

Peter asks Hannah Ann to go on this week’s first one on one date to explore Santiago, Chili. He’s worried that because she’s young and has never been in love before that it might not work out, so he has to see that potential in this date or she’s gone. She’s definitely young but she’s a cool girl. As Peter’s outside thinking about if he wants to send her home or not, Hannah Ann comes out crying and tells him that she is starting to fall in love with him. Yeah, okay. He buys it though and gives her a rose. We all know this won’t work out in the end, but whatever. 

There’s two date cards at the mansion, one for a group date and a second one on one with Victoria F. Mykenna especially freaks out that she doesn’t have a one on one yet but Victoria has two. How annoying Mykenna has become in like the last two episodes. 

For the group date, they go make a soap opera. Seems like a fun group date. 

(I forgot how much I hate having to watch commercials, cause there’s a ton of them on here)

At the cocktail party following the group date, Peter tells Victoria P. that after their one on one a few weeks ago and with the Alayah drama, they’ve taken a step back and that he doesn’t see her as his wife. Peter walks her out and she leaves the show. Didn’t really expect that exit.

Tammy starts drama with Mykenna and Kelsey for no real reason. This bitch is becoming a problem. Her whole schtick is just calling girls out and trying to eliminate people from the show rather than do anything to advance her own relationship with Peter. She’s gotta be gone soon.

Madison gets the group date rose. She is absolutely still the front runner and by far the best of all the girls. I really hope they end up together.

After the whole Chase Rice fiasco, Peter wants to give Victoria F. another shot with a one on one in the Chilean countryside. Victoria tells Peter that it’s hard for her to not second guess their relationship with all the other girls in the house. Dinner after their countryside date doesn’t go very well as Victoria doesn’t know what she wants to do and if she could make it work with Peter, even though he definitely does. 

Victoria, will you accept this rose?

He is more into her than she’s into him.

Another date card comes in for a two on one date with Mykenna and Tammy. Time for one of these girl’s to go. Peter starts off with Tammy who claims that Mykenna isn’t here for the right reason and that she’s just trying to build her brand with the exposure from the show. Next is Mykenna, who tells Peter that Tammy is just bringing the other girls down and that she still believes in her and Peter. He pushes back on her about packing her bags before the group date and she says that “it would have been the biggest mistake of her life”. Both these girls gotta be gone soon. Peter trusts Mykenna and sends Tammy home. Get rid of the useless drama.

(ABC’s website BLOWS to watch shows on, pretty much crashes every time it plays an ad).

Kelsey’s the first to get a rose at the rose ceremony, followed by Natasha. With the final rose leaving Sydney, Mykenna and Kelley…

Kelley, will you accept this rose?

Honestly, not a huge surprise. There wasn’t going to be a future with either of them. Doesn’t really make a ton of sense though that Peter kept Mykenna there and bothered with the whole two on one. Shoulda just sent them both home in the rose ceremony but whatever.

Next Monday, the remaining six ladies and Peter go to Lima, Peru. Drama continues as girls break down while things get serious.

PS: Congrats to Trent from Barstool…dreams come true.

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