Can’t go an episode of The Bachelorette without unnecessary drama.

I missed The Bachelorette last night so I’m a day late. Don’t really care that I’m watching it late either since this season’s been pretty boring so far. Last week Jamie got sent home for being a snake and putting the false narrative in Michelle’s head that there was distrust in the house.

Martin gets the first one on one date of the week. For that date, they go to the BMW Performance Driving School and they go drifting in M3s. This date seems fucking awesome. After that, Martin tells Michelle that he didn’t really agree with her sending Jamie home last week. Not a good move by him and Michelle doesn’t like that she feels like Martin was questioning her decision making. At dinner that night, Michelle brings it up with Martin and he says he’s just bad at communicating and bad at showing his emotions. He opens up with her about his family and how he grew up and Michelle appreciates that and that he listens to her too and she gives him the rose. 

For the group date, the guys do a slumber party with Michelle and all of the guys just hang out rather than talk to her. She doesn’t like that they aren’t giving her attention and try to make a connection with her. After that, the Bella Twins from the WWE host a Teddy Bear pillow fight competition, with the winning team going to the after party with Michelle. The whole night Michelle makes a big deal about none of the guys pulling her aside during the group date. I feel like she’s making a bigger deal out of it than there is. She talks to Kaitlyn about this and how she felt overlooked. At the after party, Michelle brings up her concerns on how its bothering her. She has individual conversations with the six guys and gives the group date rose to Olu who opens up to Michelle about his family.

Michelle’s second group date of the week is with Rick. They do a beautiful sightseeing thing on a gondola over the mountains and then walking around in nature. He opens up with her about losing his dad. At dinner, Rick tells Michelle that he found a text when he was younger on his dad’s phone that he was cheating on his mom and that he told his mom about it, which lead to his parents getting divorced. Pretty deep conversation to get into on a first date. She obviously gives him the rose.

Before the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party, Chris S. says to Michelle and all the guys that he thinks that there’s some guys that aren’t here for her and that they think they “have it in the bag” and he thinks that Michelle should give some times to some of the others. That pisses off all of the rest of the guys. Talking one on one with Chris, he brings up Nayte thinking he “has it in the bag” already. Dirty move by Chris S. to even start this while he thinks he doesn’t have as good of a connection with her than some of the other guys. She brings it up with Nayte after that. Nayte pulls Chris aside to talk to him directly about the drama he started for no reason.

Can’t go an episode of The Bachelorette without unnecessary drama. 

Rose ceremony time. Brandon, Leroy, Joe, Rodney, Clayton, Casey all get roses. With the second last rose, Michelle keeps Nayte around. With the final rose of the evening, Michelle keeps Chris S, keeping the villain around for another week.

After the rose ceremony, Michelle lets the remaining guys know that they’re all going to her hometown of Minnesota.

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