Another week of stupid drama on The Bachelor

We had last week off from this season of the Bachelor due to the much more important Monday Night Football Wild Card playoff game…which I was fine with. I’m a day late watching last night’s episode but let’s get into it with Week 3 of Clayton’s season, that already has plenty of drama.

We pick up with last week’s drama of Cassidy admitting to having a friend with benefits at home after getting the group date rose. Clayton asks Jesse (the new host) if anyone’s every taken away a rose. He comes back and asks to speak with Cassidy. Cassidy says she already knows what Clayton is going to ask but then acts surprised when he asks her if she was seeing someone up till when she came here. She claims that she hasn’t had any relationships with any guys since 2019. He says that he heard that she FaceTime’d this guy a couple days before stepping out of the limo. She like annoyingly sighs that Clayton knows, essentially admitting her guilt and says that she wasn’t planning on pursing anything with this guy…yeah I’m sure. This girl is churning out the drama. They both storm away and then Clayton goes back up to talk to Cassidy wherever she went to and she admits that she slept with that other guy a few times the last few months. All of the other girls don’t like her and want Cassidy to go home, thinking that she isn’t here for the right reasons. Clayton sends Cassidy home. Probably the right move. Good for him for doing so early, even after giving her a rose. And doing so shows Clayton’s maturity.

Onto the second rose ceremony of the season. With the second last rose of the night, Clayton gives it to Elizabeth, one source of drama in Week 2 and with the final rose of the evening, Clayton gives it to Shanae, the other one in the drama with Elizabeth, so that continues. It’s still pretty early in the season, so no real surprises with who leaves yet. Shanae then says in a confessional that, its a competitions…and she’s here to win…and evidently not here for the right reasons. 

On the first group date of the season, Clayton Bristowe hosts a date with all the girls sitting in a circle where they have to stand up as they answer vulnerable questions about themselves. Eliza gets the group date rose fro putting in effort. Drama free group date.

Sarah gets the one on one day this week, with the first part of the date hosted by former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin. Sarah and Clayton do a scavenger hunt type date in underwear. Pretty weird date, as they dance and sing horribly. They have fun on their date and have a strong early connection. That evening they have dinner together in the middle of a Van Gogh exhibit. Cool venue for it. Sarah opens up to Clayton about being adopted and her family background. Clayton gives her the rose.

Back at the house, Elizabeth makes some shrimp and Shanae comes and eats most of it. Drama, drama, drama with these two.

The second group date of the week is on the beach. Nicole Eggert from Baywatch hosts the date, putting the girls through a lifeguard training program. Okay date I guess. At the after party, Shanae brings up her drama in the house to Clayton and makes way more of a deal about it than it has to be. She’s clearly playing the game big time and Clayton’s falling for it. Next Clayton talks to Elizabeth and brings up that Shanae claims that she feels bullied in the house and that she’s struggling. I’m definitely on team Elizabeth on this one because Shanae is clearly just playing a game and isn’t here for the right reasons. Gabby, who won the lifeguard competition and doesn’t start any drama gets the group date rose. After that, Clayton says to the girls on the date that the next day he’ll address the problem in the house with everyone. 

The unnecessary drama continues next week.

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