More drama and three dramatic exits from Paradise leading up to next week’s finale

Paradise is nearing its end with the two night finale coming up next week. There are definitely some couples with very established connection but there’s also still a lot that still are being tested with more and more drama continuing.

This week the drama is amped up with former Bachelorettes Rachel and Gabby coming to the beach to give their advice. As soon as they arrive, the guys from their season Johnny, Logan and Tyler are not happy. As Gabby and Rachel take all the girls to talk, the first of their guys that comes up is Tyler. Of course with the way that Rachel broke up with Tyler, he did nothing wrong and absolutely deserved to have success in Paradise. Rachel says that immediately such great things about him and reassure Brittany that he’s great and says that he was definitely ready for an engagement. Next up, Victoria talks about her connection with Johnny. Gabby is surprised to hear that Johnny told Victoria he’s falling in love with her but doesn’t say anything right away. That surprised me a bit, I expected Gabby to trash the fact that Johnny couldn’t commit to her on The Bachelorette but is now so connected with Victoria that he says he’s falling in love with her. But she doesn’t, so thats good for him. Then the star of this part of the show, Logan, who now has tried to date four women sitting together (not including Sarah, who already went home after he went on a date with her, or Lyndsey, who he clearly wanted to go on a date with and didn’t) after trying to bounce from Team Rachel to Team Gabby on the Bachelorette, to Shanae in Paradise and then to Kate in Paradise. Rachel and Gabby straight up say that they don’t respect Logan and that he was the only guy that flipped from one girl to the other on their season. Kate pull them both to talk with the two of them about Logan. Back on the beach, Logan is quite nervous. Rachel and Gabby tell Kate that he doesn’t know when he has something worth pursuing and that he keeps getting the power and pretty much has felt entitled like he’s the bachelor, which he’s not. Gabby even says that he’s not read to be in a relationship. After that discussion, Rachel and Gabby leave Paradise but not before Gabby tells Logan that she has some beef with him and to treat Kate well. 

In the mic room, Aaron and Genevieve get into an argument about literally nothing. Like the difference between itching or pain. No way these two make it. After that stupid ass argument, Genevieve decides she wants to leave again. It is kind of funny but obviously these two aren’t a compatible couple. Aaron goes to talk it out with her. I mean, she’s kind of ridiculous in general but yeah, these two might as well just break up. Pretty funny drama to watch though. This kind of entertainment makes great TV. They make up again and its like nothing happened. Either way though, these two aren’t going to make it after Paradise.

With the first date card of the week, Tyler gets to take Brittany on a date. Brittany says right away that Gabby and Rachel told her such great things about him and that he was so ready for a relationship. They both say that they want to leave Paradise with each other and it does seem like they do have a great connection. 

Another former Bachelor in Paradise couple, Thomas and Becca come down to Paradise to give their advice. This season, instead of Paradise prom, they do a 90s themed Paradise Sadie Hawkins dance, with the ladies taking the guys. The ladies all come up with cute ideas to ask their guys. Before Kate asks Logan, she goes to talk to him about her conversation with Gabby and Rachel and address her concerns. She says she spiraled after the Lyndsey thing the day before with him considering going on the date and then her conversation with Rachel and Gabby. He does a good job on that discussion and squashes her concerns, which makes her happy and she asks him to go to the dance. 

While everyone’s having fun at the dance, Jessenia is real bummed out with that Andrew is with Ency now and that she’s alone now. She’s pissed with how he handled their situation. Jessenia pulls Andrew away to go talk. She asks him what he’s in Paradise for and he tells her to fall in love. She then calls him out for going from Teddi, to Brittany, to her and then now to Ency. He has under the radar bounced from girl to girl without being able to connect to any of them. He justifies that in that he’s just trying to find a deep connection and she calls him out for “just skirting by through Paradise” which he wasn’t thrilled about. Ency comes to try to pull Andrew away from the conversation and he ignores her telling her that she has to finish the conversation with Andrew. Very insecure of Ency to lose her mind over this clear cut fight. Not a great move. Just let it go. Ency goes back to Andrew and just gives him the ultimatum in front of Jessenia that he needs to walk away from the conversation and not give Jessenia any validation if he wants to pursue anything with Ency. If I was him right there I would’ve just been done with both of them. Not worth the headache. Especially with the way Ency’s completely overreacting. Like this bitch is crazy. That whole thing pisses off all of them involved and Jessenia asks Andrew where his head is. He tells her that he’s still thinking about Teddi. So he did string along the other girls a bit. Jessenia sends herself home and leaves Paradise. Andrew then goes to talk to Ency, their conversation doesn’t go great for either of them and he decides to leave Paradise. Can’t blame the guy at all. She changes her tone and tries to get him to stay but its not enough, he says he’s done and he goes home. Following that, Ency sends herself home in tears as well. 

Next week, fantasy suites, Tell All and final roses and engagements on Monday and Tuesday’s two night finale.

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