Pretty boring Women Tell All…just like the rest of Zach’s season of The Bachelor

Last night, as Zach’s season of the Bachelor nears its end we had the Women Tell All. I missed the original airing since I had better shit to do, and I wasn’t really upset whatsoever to miss it since this season has been boring as fuck and in general I’ve started to get sick of the Tell All episodes. But here I am watching it a day late.

The episode starts with some boring nonsense of Zach and Jesse going to Bachelor watch parties. Who. Cares.

After that useless filler, we’re back in the studio to start off the Women Tell All. The first topic of discussion was Christina Mandrell. Non-story. Next up, Anastasia being there to gain Instagram followers (duh, so were everyone else, they just hid it better). On top of that, Cat accused Anastasia for having a boyfriend while going on the show.

First up on the hot seat is Jess, who left because she was too big into wanting a one on one and Zach sent her home. Not that she really was wrong, but she pretty much begged for a one on one. She comes off looking very good after that conversation.

Greer’s next up on the hot seat. She says that watching back she’s accepted that Zach and her aren’t each other’s person. Then its a whole ordeal about controversy that she defended someone she knew that did blackface. Get the fuck over this nonsense at this point. Its bad enough that the whole Rachael Kirkconnell thing got Chris Harrison taken off the show…while her and Matt are still together. Let’s just stop even addressing this crap that at this point makes the whole franchise look bad. I’m so sick of the whole cancel culture/apology garbage.

The next one on the hot seat is Kat. Emotional discussion for her.

Fresh off getting eliminated hometowns week on Monday’s episode, Charity is on the hot seat. She does an incredible job recapping the season for her and makes a great case on that she’s ready to find love…which I’m sure means she’s gonna be the next Bachelorette.

Finally Zach’s on stage. Not a whole lot of new info from him, we preview “sex week”…or fantasy suites, which we’ll see next Monday.

Pretty boring Women Tell All…just like the rest of Zach’s season of The Bachelor.

Finally though, Jesse Palmer surprises Charity that she’s the next Bachelorette. Great fit. Good for her, she deserves it most from this season and I think she’ll be a good lead!

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