Drama Over a Bottle of Champagne

I had to delay watching last night’s episode of The Bachelor till tonight cause there was no way I was missing the National Championship last night (Geaux Tigers!), but we’re back for episode 2 of Peter’s season coming off the cliffhanger of if Hannah Brown was coming back to the mansion.

At this point, I’m so fed up with Hannah’s involvement in the Bachelor series. She’s been on screen enough and at this point ABC has had her on TV for over a year straight from Colton’s season, to The Bachelorette, to an appearance in Paradise, to winning Dancing with the Stars and now she’s still here. Obviously Hannah and Peter still have a connection, but this has to be over. Peter knows that, as he tells Hannah that he can’t do this and breaks it off. He’s the Bachelor, he has to get over Hannah to find love. Peter apologizes to the girls for pretty much cancelling the group date and asks to see them again at the cocktail party, already irritating some of the girls who expected to spend time with him.

Mykenna dances with Peter and helps him see that he should move on from Hannah, which leads to some kissing but I kinda thought she was acting fake. Sydney gets the group date rose for being more genuine, bumming out Mykenna. 

Peter gives Madison a framed picture from their date with him and his family. Front runner!

Kelsey sets up a whole thing with a year old bottle of champagne that she gets all obsessed with planning to open with Peter. First Mykenna goes to talk to Peter when Kelsey wants to and Kelsey totally overreacts to it. Then, Hannah Ann opens it with him. Trouble! Hannah claims she doesn’t know until Tammy tells her after it gets popped. There’s another bottle placed by the producers and Peter opens that one with Kelsey, which hilariously sprays all over her face as she takes a sip of it. 

After that, Kelsey goes and has a whole thing with Hannah Ann who claims ignorance on the issue. Whole thing is overblown in general. Kelsey’s a mess and Hannah Ann is a troublemaker. I’m guessing neither of them make it very long, but I almost take Hannah Ann’s side on it just cause of how psycho Kelsey already seems. If she really did purposefully steal the bottle of champagne though, that’s a scummy move. All the other girls in the house are irritated by Kelsey’s drama too. The rose ceremony comes around and Kelsey gets the final rose. After Kelsey refuses to give a toast, Hannah Ann steps in to do so. Drama’s not over with these two. Over a bottle of champagne.

For the next group date, the girls do a runway fashion show thing. Victoria has a whole meltdown that she’s too nervous about it. Relax. But then she ends up crushing the confidence part of the competition. Hannah Ann also gets the judges attention. Hannah Ann wins the competition, which sends Victoria spiraling and wanted to go home. After the group date, Victoria talks to Peter about how it’s hard for her to be confident and secure with all of the other girls. Peter consoles her and tells her that he knows that she’s different than all the other girls in the house.

Kelsey and Hannah Ann have more drama over another bottle of champagne, as Kelsey and Peter split a bottle. But after that Peter talks to Hannah, who tells him about the drama with Kelsey the night before about the champagne and how she felt bullied by Kelsey. After giving Victoria the group date rose, Peter goes to talk to Kelsey about what she told Hannah the night before. Kelsey gets all defensive about it, even though none of what Hannah told Peter was false. I’m Team Hannah on this one, Kelsey seems like a crazy bitch.

Next week, even more drama goes on…and Queen Demi’s back! From the previews, this looks like it’s going to be a great season. 

Madison is definitely still my favorite.

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